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    First Relase of GemCraftingTrading

    Look ScreenShot and Description :)

    Screenshot :

    GemCraftingTrading is an application which allows you to manage the craft and selling gem in Auction House of D3.
    You can select the quality of the gem and the number crafter.

    First of all, it's not a third app which is prohibited. It's a calculator ! It help you with costs/quantity of materials needed and with what you got in your inventory :)

    Information about the composition of the craft will be detailed in number of gem and detailed prices by step. Including the price of the craft,
    gems and tomes.

    The totals will be calculated according to your stock of gems and tomes.

    It will be possible to see the total cost of the craft and the remaining money to your balance.
    The application also informs you about the recommended minimum prices for sale in AH (with 15% tax).
    Then according to the average sold price displayed AH, it will be possible to see the tax gain and the gain or loss realized.
    The update of your balance is made for clarity.

    Application developed in order to perform fun and practical knowledge.
    The Passion of programming and video game here was a source of inspiration that got me started on this idea.

    Developed by Xineroks, mail me for feedback at [email protected]

    It's the first release of GCT, so maybe you'll have ideas to add, or anything else :)

    Hope it will be useful, have fun ! :D

    Rudy Xineroks

    SOON : Web App Version based on the client App


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    Great app. :)

    Moving to Diablo Tools.

    edit: Oh you made one there as well. Against the rules sadly, had to remove it. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Thank you !

    ( Sorry didn't know where to post, so i did 2 posts )
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    Hey, UP with a antivirus scan online report :)

    EDIT : Edited original post and this one with link
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    I'm begginning the web app version now, i'll try to do it fast :)
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    Just finished interface and javascript part. Next step PHP part, it will release soon :)
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    Here it is :)
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