Diablo3 Effective Health Pool Calculator

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    I've created a tool to calculate your effective health pool based on your stats.

    The tool is now build so that it can support all classes,
    Curently implemented are:
    - Barbarian
    - Wizzard
    - Monk
    - Witch Doctor
    - Demon Hunter will follow soon.

    - with / without dodge
    - with melee / ranged / magic specific reduction
    - with skills increasing your EHP someway
    - toggling skills on and off to compare them
    - EHP gain for +1 vit, +1 resist, +10 armor

    So here you can find the working version:

    It's completely clientside javascript, so changing stuff will make it calculate everything on your machine, hence you might find a small spike/freeze when you do,
    this is mostly because I haven't bothered with optimizing it (atm the onchange events trigger itself, thankfully backbone handles that fairly well).

    You can input your base armor, resistance, VIT and life %, it will generate your final life, armor, resistance (which should match your character screen).

    Behind all the checkboxes it displays the EHP if you would change it (checked<->uncked) and how much %% change that would be.
    That's what you can use to see which ones increase your EHP the most.
    For example you can easily see that War Cry with +resist rune is far better then the other two options.

    Known issues / bugs:
    - For skills with multiple interesting runes you could check them all, should change this to be a radio button or selectbox at some point

    Upcoming changes priority list:
    - Interface revamp, adding tabs and a better way to put in your intial stats
    - Think of a way to include block
    - Handle skillbuilds with different runes nicely (maybe seperate the skillbuild more)
    - Add option to copy a link to your curently input/selection (like talent calculators do)
    - Recieve buffs from other classes
    - Pull in stats from blizzard API (kdmcclel is already working on some code eventhough the API ain't up yet)

    Please let me know what you think of it :D
    Please bump the thread a bit once in a while (preferably with constructive comments or positive feedback) so that it stays visible on page 1 :D :D

    It's on github (the page you're opening is project page of it), code is here in case you're interested:

    If you wanna join in and help out, you're very welcome! I already got some awesome pull requests on github from kdmcclel and MrMarvin and merged those almost instantly!
    the project is all javascript, nothing serversided, I could easily host some serversided code too if needed but if we can stick to javascript only then that's preferred!

    *** Authors / Contributors ***
    Drakie (rubensayshi)
    Marv Cool (MrMarvin)

    *** Changelog ***

    Update 1 [2012/05/24 10:20]
    Thanks to pull request from 'kdmcclel' we now have multi-class support and he already implemented wizzard!
    Surely more classes will follow :)

    Update 2 [2012/05/24 10:22]
    Since it's no longer barb only I renamed the project, URLs are changed, old URL stopped working ;)

    Update 3 [2012/05/24 10:46]
    The stats you input are (locally) stored so you don't have to keep putting them in each visit, choices aren't stored yet though!

    Update 4 [2012/05/25 09:23]
    Fixed armor formula

    Update 5 [2012/05/25 13:03]
    Cleaned up code, made it possible to seperate classes from each other (classperclass xD).
    Added dodge calculations, seperated it from the pure EHP though since dodge ain't part of traditional EHP calculations, but specially since it's also working on magic it's very much relevant ;)

    Update 6 [2012/05/25 15:01]
    Added first implementation of Monk class, needs some work though on the active skills which apply short duration buffs/debuffs and I need to double check if I haven't forgotten any skills.

    Update 7 [2012/05/28 19:38]
    Fixed how dodge is calculated (like a modifier instead of a static stat). Added warcry dodge rune.

    Update 8 [2012/05/29 10:11]
    Added a +1 VIT/armor/resist alternative display.

    Update 9 [2012/05/29 15:53]
    Finaly fixed the dodge chance madness properly!

    Update 10 [2012/05/30 09:16]
    Added 'extra options' to Monk (Crippling Wave, Deadly Reach) and Wizard (Archon).
    (re)enabled displaying armor and resistance effective reduction %.

    Update 11 [2012/05/30 10:01]
    Added Mantra of Healing rune effects.

    Update 12 [2012/05/30 12:35]
    Added Fists of Thunder - Lightning Flash rune.
    Redid EHP for alternatives to display the change instead of the new total.
    using +10 armor as alternative now.

    Update 13 [2012/05/31 09:25]
    Added Witch Doctor!! Thanks to MrMarvin!
    Also cleaned up the code a lot.

    Update 14 [2012/06/01 09:26]
    I redid all the code responsible for the UI, this will allow me more flexibility and I'll be able to make it easier for users to input their characters stats (when I make the above button work properly!).
    There is a chance I might have broken something in the display logic though, however the calculations should be fine.

    I deployed the experimental version as a stable version!
    Please let me know asap if you find anything, I'll be tailing this topic all night should anything pop up!

    Update 15 [2012/06/02 20:00]
    - New UI (fluid, so it should behave nicely on mobile too)
    - More explicit and better saving of characters
    - Better / easier way to add a new character (you can tick which buffs are on when you copy the stats, it will recalculate the base stats)
    - Code is now in a way that should easily allow me to add item compare (soon!)
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    good work man!
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    truly useful
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