D3 tool for putting together selling items picture

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    I'm just here to check if there would be any users for an tool that makes it easier to make "SELLING THESE ITEMS" pictures.

    Some random example pictures users here made for this forum:
    (these are not mine, nor my items, just example pictures)


    The tool would make the process of making these images easier.

    How I see it:
    1. Make screenshots of your items in D3 (using plain Prnt Src button)
    2. Set your server(EU, US etc), gamemode(Norma, HC), battletag(asd#2534), possible online times?
    3. Upload those images using the tool (multiupload support)
    4. The tool walks you thru image by image allowing you to drag an rectangle over the image marking the item spot
    5. After that tool cuts all the images, places them onto a black image, numbers them and gives you back the link / image it created.
    6. You post it onto the forums, pricing your images by the numbers or using one possible feature listed down.
    7. ???
    8. Profit.

    Possible features:
    - Easier image changing later on (good if some items have sold, leave the image link same but mark some items "sold" so others could easly see that)
    - Possible price marking onto the image (mark current highest bid to the image so everyone could see it and change it when someone overbids)
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    Using ms paint is a lot easier.
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    Quote from Deicide

    Using ms paint is a lot easier.

    I have to agree with this poster. It is a nice idea, but to be honest it doesn’t sound much quicker or easier then simply doing it your self in Photoshop / paint.
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    The only way I could see this being practical is if:

    1: It has a client side app which:
    a. Crops all the images its self, all from just the screenshot(s)
    -The screenshots are readily available through in the application
    -Ability to check off the ones which you wish to organize the items
    b. It parses the item name, quality, type, and stats.
    c. Allows the user to set a min bid and buyout in gold / $
    c. Shows a preview of the item(s), then after approval, uploads the item(s) to your web based service

    2: The web based service works like an auction house
    a. It organizes the item(s) by type, then quality, then by stats
    b. Allows users to filter there results based on available stats, type, and quality
    c. Names of the items are displayed with a preview of the icon
    d. If searchers like the item and price, they either can bid, or buyout
    - IRL $ will be handled through paypal independent of blizzard RMAH
    e. There will be a reputation system which displays only the seller's reputation next to items in search

    Basically set up a complete AH system outside of Diablo 3. Which is possible, but difficult. I could easily whip up the client side application, but have no skills nor resources which are applicable to web based services. Someone else would have to do that. If anyone is interested in this visit my CodePlex to contact me: codeplex.com/site/users/view/promedius
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    i think the problem with this as was stated above is the lack of a client side app to go alongside it. its a shame really something like this would be pretty amazing if it interlinked ingame
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    paint ftw lol
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