Diablo 3 Media Library: D3MediaLib [.Net]

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    Hi! With the release of the official Diablo 3 Web API just around the corner, I thought I would put out there some tools I've been working on that will be useful to .Net developers!

    D3MediaLib is an application extension (.dll) that allows .Net developers to easily access Diablo 3 media without having to use the internet. Did I mention it's fast? With the D3MediaLib you can access any type of media, including items, skills, and crafting icons. D3MediaLib even makes retrieving the correct item easier by giving the option to set a background quality.

    D3MediaLib is seriously as easy as:


    D3MediaLib v0.3 (current release): Now includes ALL MEDIA + MediaLookup!! Stable Build
    -Now includes ALL MEDIA IN DIABLO 3!
    -All Items (including follower items)
    -All Skills, Passive and Active (including follower skills)
    -All Runes, Type: {a,b,c,d,e,none}
    -All Consumables (health potions)
    -All Crafting Materials
    -All Dyes
    -All Gems {amethyst,emerald,ruby,topaz}
    -All Portraits {classes{male,female},followers,artisans}
    -(If I missed something, please, tell me!)
    -Includes item + quality background retrieval
    -Includes Media Lookup, really cool lookup / retrieval system for specific sets of media! Check it out!

    If you are a .Net developer that doesn't want to deal with all the silly web requests, sizing, and background drawing, then do no more. To check out the project head on over to:


    This project is Open Source and is Licensed under the GPLv2.
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    would be nice if i could use it with *insert any other language here* lol

    (except java ofc)
    Working with adobe and/or java is like pushing a paper clip against a building and expecting it to move...

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