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    So, Hello.

    Recently I've been playing a ton off Diablo III, I really enjoy this new expansion, I think it's really great. Personally I didn't play that much Vanilla D3, I made level 97 Paragon level but meh, nothing to brag about really.

    However I'm putting a lot of dedication in to the game right now, about 90% of my time goes to Diablo III and my World of Warcraft career(I play twice a week, Wednesday and Saturdays, Main and alt run if you ever feel like watching some Wow content from a high end guild). And I figured I'd go back to Streaming, it's really something that I enjoy, I enjoy speaking with viewers and playing with them, bring some sort of community under my hands(can I say it that way?), makes me feel great when there are people tuning in to the stream and talk a bit and even play with them.

    I don't stream to make a ton of money, I stream cause it's something I enjoy doing, even if I only stream for a few hours or for a full day(24Hrs)

    Anyway, I currently play my Crusader as a Main ( and I run Blessed Shield spec with Akarat set, currently only have 4 Pieces but as I'm playing a lot I'll probably grab the last 2 parts really soon.

    I also played a Barb in Vanilla, if anyone want to know that, I like the class but I felt that a Crusader was the "New Meta" for me, felt great playing it (I know they're slow and clumsy).

    So, I'm streaming at, tune in if you want, even if it's for 1 min or a few hours, I really appreciate every single person that comes in and says something or just watch.

    Have a good one, Zerpout
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    hows that single target dps :p

    I don't like blessed shield as its completely useless when solo since it takes you 80% of the time in a rift to kill the boss. (sure u can get lucky and be able to kite the boss to other trash enough to kill him faster) but most rifts aren't going to be that easy)

    Fist of the heavens takes slightly longer to kill trash but the boss falls way way faster. No brainer really..

    If you're in a group its a bit better but other classes will kill trash faster then you so its kinda meh there too
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    It's a really bad on single imo, but I usually kite the riftguardian to more mobs :)
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    yeah a lot of rifts won't allow you to do that though :( sure some do, just not enough
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    Oh well, you can go with FoH as well, just that BS with shield etc
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    there is a video of a guy clearing a t6 rifts with blessed shield really fast, but my only question is, how many rifts or tries did he do to get that one rift cleared fast. 1/5 or 2/5?
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    Yeah, but with gear etc u can change the spec up a bit, with 6p etc
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    Really fun guy to play with in rifts and bountys!
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    Ty man :)
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    He is online now for anyone that wants to check!
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    Hi, online right now.

    We're doing some Torment 6 rift with 0 dog spec, basically we've a WD who spawns 10+ Globes per sec.

    This = having unlimited Wrath, rage or any other resource.
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    Playing some T4 rifts followed by T6 rift around 5pm. :)
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    Crusader rifts
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    Multiboxing 4x crusaders right now :)
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