Help Me Decide/ WD or WIZ

Poll: Wizard or WD

Wizard or WD - Single Choice

  • Wizard 66.7%
  • Witch Doctor 33.3%
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    while d3 takes forever to download and patch the files, i cant decide if i should stay with my beloved wd or

    play the wiz.

    old and gold or new ? :D

    Help Me !

    always happy to help/inform
    ingame or here ;)
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    I have recently switched to Wizard because I found the wide range of elemental builds that are now available to be very interesting. I can never play a single character build for a very long time without getting bored, and the wizard looks to me to become more versatile than ever with this patch. With CM and Infinite Archon gone and practically all the elemental skills improved or changed, I think there will be lots and lots of different builds to try out, depending on the gear you find. I hope that picking the Wizard will allow me to have a lot of variation in my gameplay, without constantlyswitching between characters. That said, I think that you should totally stick with your witchdoctor if you love the class. Imo, the style of a class is one of the most important things, because you stay fascinated much longer with a class that stylistically corresponds to your dream of a hero. So if you like how the WD revolves around voodoo, rituals, totems, fetishes, poison darts, tribal colors, etc, then you should really stick with it. From what I've seen the class will remain very powerful in 2.0, perhaps even more powerful. You might just want to start looking for a different build if your current build happens to revolve around zero dogs or zombie bears. I chose the wizard myself, because I could never really get into the whole voodoo thing stylistically. I think it is original and funny (some WD skills are downright hilarious), but it's just not me. I much prefer the style of the wizard, which revolves around magic, teleporation, bending time and realityto your will, astral travelling, transcending reality, etc. This post probably sounds funny coming from someone with my signature. I guess I should change it :P
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    mhh thanks alot for your input!

    ^this basically is my whole dilemma since i love the wd style but also the wizard builds which all be possible now :)

    ill think ill give the wizard a go untill i found some nice stuff to make a thorns wd...

    maybe...damn iam bad at decision ^^

    always happy to help/inform
    ingame or here ;)
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    Wizard is a lot flashier, but WD has a flavour that no other class has (with DoTs and pets). They're both probably my favorite classes. Whatever you choose, you'll be in for a much improved experience from vanilla ;)
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    :-) hopefully! Already had a blast on the ptr, so we'll see how long that lasts

    always happy to help/inform
    ingame or here ;)
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