Reaper of Souls mouse suggestions

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    I think my mouse is approaching the end of its life, so I've been thinking of getting a new one now that the click-filled days of RoS are soon to be upon us.

    So far I've been using an MX518, and I don't have any real complaints, but I wonder if there's a mouse that could potentially have more accessible buttons. This has been asked before, but maybe after D3 is around for some time there are new insights, new hardware, or just any long-time experiences (good or bad) that someone might share.

    I wonder if there's a mouse that really excels in making 6 buttons easily accessible (or maybe 7, to bind the potions as well).Theoretically the MX518 has 8 buttons, but only 4 are really accessible without tearing a muscle in your fingers. Then there's the G600 MMO with 20 buttons that are all quite easily accessible (12 of them at the thumb), but you need a pencil-shaped cruise missile thumb to hit the right button at the right time.

    Any suggestions?
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    You might want to look at the Razer Naga.
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    Thanks! Hm, the Razer Naga looks just like the G600 - too many buttons imho. But the Razer Naga Hex looks interesting. Anyone experience with that particular one?

    I find the original D3 mouse kinda underwhelming, the non-ergonomic design, the trade-off of being a both left and right handed mouse (c'mon, you either right or left handed but not both) which makes half the buttons out of rich unless you train your pinky.
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    I'm tellin ya bud, Razor Naga is the way to go =) They are super durable - I've used my very first one for 4 years now, since WoW raiding. I also picked up the epic version because I wanted more color options =D

    But because of how easy those 12 thumb buttons are to use and reach (and I've got a pretty big hand), I can play all of D3 with just my one hand if I want to. I've got both map buttons, the potion button, backpack and town portal mapped to the back 5, and of course all my skills for the first 4. The only thing I don't map is the force stand still button, but I only need to use that when I'm playing seriously, and then I've got my other hand on my keyboard =D

    The other huge advantage having all your hotkeys by your thumb is that your keyboard hand movement is reduced to almost zero. I don't have to hover over my number keys or keybinds, and instead I can just put my thumb on alt, my index on shift and my middle finder on tab, and I have full range of every keybind I need.

    Don't be intimidated by the amount of buttons, they are defiantly worth it. And if you do pick one up, DON'T put those little sticky pads on the button keys to try and remember them, because it'l be harder to ween yourself off of them. Just take 1-2 hours of playing and you'll have them locked into muscle memory.
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    I also use the Razer Naga. I've had mine for about 4 years as well, still works like a charm. Initally it was a bit daunting, but now I cannot imagine gaming without it. It makes things so much easier. I use 1 - 9 and 12 on all MMO & Arpg games. It's worth it.
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