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    Hey so i have a different name on the curse network then the one i use here on Diablofans, im wondering if it would be possible to change my forum name and im wondering if so who should i contact?

    Thanks and take care :)
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    Bump, does nobody really know?? :(

    "I died in HC and ill have you know i only cried for 20 hours!"
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    I would also like to know this!
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    Your best bet would be to PM a Moderator like Overneathe or Zero and ask them.
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    I think you should PM Molster. Or maybe another mod who has a lot of powers. Not sure which mod has which power. ;-)
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    I remember when Sixen was the Chat Gem to go to for that. If you look at my name, that period after Lt, yeah I couldn't put that there. I asked and the almighty Chat Gem answered my prayers.

    Sadly, Sixen is no longer with us. If he is, I haven't seen him. So PMing another Admin is your best bet.

    Edit: Hey wait a second, I want a space after the period, not that thing you crazy people call a space. CHANGE IT BACK!!
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    i just asked a mod..
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