[AD] DivinityMU Taro - Season 8 [Low Rate Server]

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    In this thread you find a little description of DivinityMU Taro Server!

    Server Name: DivinityMU Taro
    Server EXP : 20x
    Server Drop: 40%
    Server Vers: Season 8 EP1.
    Fresh Start: 16 December 2013.

    DivinityMU Taro Specials:

    +Full Season 8 Original Items and Events
    +Coins System. (You can gain from:Grand Reset,Vote,Blood Castle,Devil Square,Illusion Temple,Chaos +Castle,Selupan,Medusa,Gorgon Event,etc.)
    +NO crashes,downtime and lag (Didicated host 1000 MB/s)
    +DDOS Protection.
    +NO WIPES.
    +MU Helper.
    +Guild/Player Reputation System.
    +Balanced PvP.
    +Party Boost system.
    +Special Events like (Lottery,Archer,Delgardo,etc.)
    +PowerUP Shop (X Shop).

    More info about server settings can be found on our forums.

    Community since 2007 without downtime.

    If you dare to join us, these are the links:

    Server URL : http://taro.divinity.ro/
    Forum URL : http://forum.taro.divinity.ro/

    Thank you for your time![/pre]
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