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    Quote from Kenzai

    Don't know you very well, sorry.

    I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that you ignorant owl...

    Seth will smite you... soon...

    I think I will change back. The other me feels better on this site. I must dig up my old avatar ^^
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    Ophion, the dragon is good.
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    Happy Birthday Vegas!

    And also- Welcome back Emil.

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    Thanks Nekrodrac, I docked at the Elephant Bar tonight with my wife and son. I shamelessly brandished me ID at the server to procure me bit of free cake without the embarrassing employee song (fortunately they don't do that there). Ah I LUV's me some cake, then I hit the gym to burn that action off. OOF.

    BTW Bloc Party Talons, thar be another music booty I'll be add'n to me trove of songs.
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    Quote from Ophion

    Quote from Kenzai

    Don't know you very well, sorry.

    I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that you ignorant owl...

    Seth will smite you... soon...

    I think I will change back. The other me feels better on this site. I must dig up my old avatar ^^

    Owl... OK, who are you, seriously? :P (Seth i guess?)
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    Where hast thou been?

    His name is Emilophion.

    Oh, and Kenzai.
    Have you played Time Kufc/any variation of 'fuck.'

    The game changes name all the time.
    Which is hilarious.
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    You should really take a look at the info below my avatar xD
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    Might be cool.
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    If you get to thinking nuking a country is a good solution it might be worth looking at time magazines photo's of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, been a long time since I looked at photo's like these but damn! Considering nukes today are many times more powerful and now we have neutron bombs as well. These are brutal, entire cities turned to a wasteland of death and despair.

    Never-seen: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Fallout: After a Nuclear Attack

    I hope never see such a war in my or my child's lifetime.
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    I doubt the world could survive a 3rd world war, which will be a fucking shame(and pathetic) considering we are the only planet having life in the neighbourhood.

    It is frightening to think nations around the world have this much power- to annihilate millions of lives and that decision resting on a tiny group of people.

    Oh btw Vegas, that PM you sent me about demon names...my real-life name is in there. LOL!!!
    Mum's such a genius! She chose that name for me. :biggrin:
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    looking at those makes me want to play post-apoc survival games. does that make me a bad person :o
    Remember the String of Ears

    "to the worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish."
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    Nuking is not war. The other side must be able to defend themselves for it to be a war.
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    Quote from Turmobil

    Aye, but I still don't like having a bunch of blokes/blokettes stabbing me in the mouth with sharp and wicked things.
    Shit be painful.


    @ Nekrodrac I like what Einstein said about the topic.
    "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
    @ carambolage de charogne yes you are bad person, I like that :hehe:

    @ Ophion, true but I remember the cold war and that sucked having to fricken get under our school desks in nuke drills (like getting under my desk was going to protect me from a nuke ROLMAO!) They might as well had us bend over and kiss our ass goodbye.
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    If a nuke was released towards where I lived. All my values would be thrown out the window.

    I would find and rape a hot chick, if I can't convince her first. I would get wasted as fast as I can. I would keep a large, sharp knife close by so I can end it all if the nuke didn't.
    Just as the Scorpion hunts...
    Silently Lurking...

    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." ~ Ezio Auditore de Firenze
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    That's... quite the apocalypse plan there Lt.
    Quote from "Sixen" »
    "One in every 10 million people can potentially have a headache from this pill." God forbid she is the 0.000000001% of having a headache.
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    Come On Lt. There was no need for you to go full retard like that there.

    I know it was made in jest but can't you think of a less disgusting act for your final goodbye to Earth?

    As for me I'm gonna do some extreme base jumping. Mind you, am probably gonna do it way before the end of the world.
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    Don't worry Nekrodrac, Lt. Venom wouldn't have time to execute his morally depraved plan. More than likely if the bomb gets dropped here the discovery will be as it detonates, he'd barely have time to grab his member.
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    2 persons can make a band. Pretty good bands too.

    Machine-gun guitars FTW!

    Music doesn't get cooler than this.
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    Guys, have you watched this movie-doc?

    It was pretty interesting and sad too.
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    I have to take my ass to bed, but if you want an example of really asinine policy. Back when Pres George H Bush and VP Dan "dumb as post" Quayle was in office. Both of them endorsed genetically modified food (that is an ugly story in itself) with 1 (that's ONE) clinical study and the FDA blessed it (I shit you not). The FDA never approves ANYTHING with one clinical study. The mountains of clinical paper it took to be able to get the FDA to allow health claims on "Oat bran" would fill a where-house. I know this because I worked in nutrition for over 10 years when Oat Bran got passed.

    One clinical study all because Gorge H Bush and Dan Quayle's friends were the principle investors in the business venture. I remember when they did this because the some on news at the time were shitting bricks over the safety of it and yet almost overnight it was approved without any resistance from the legislative branch (a.k.a. the lackeys on Capitol Hill). Why we're they shitting bricks? Because the first genetic modification was to remove the rotting gene so foods could last longer and be transported from farther distances AND FOOD COMPANIES DIDN'T HAVE TO LABEL OR INFORM THE PUBLIC WHICH FOODS WERE MODIFIED! I was a little pissed about that then. I buy organic as much as I can now.

    A few links mentioning Bush Sr.
    The entire process by which GMO seeds have been approved in the United States, beginning with the proclamation by then President George H.W. Bush in 1992, on request of Monsanto, that no special Government tests of safety for GMO seeds would be conducted because they were deemed by the President to be “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO seeds, has been riddled with special interest corruption.
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