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    I think most of my favorite games, looking back, are those that I failed at first or at least got my ass handed. For example, in the WoW beta we ran into Duskwood with our level 1 characters and got killed by a wolf. Since the wolf had a skull sign instead of a displayed level ( >10 difference) we thought they were some boss and we were teaming up and discussing strategies. Sure, embarrassing just a few hours later but it made us feel like even getting to level 20 was something you need to accomplish at first. Same with a tiger at the entrance of Stranglethorn or, most impressive, a dragon at the entrance of Badlands (a real freaking dragon, we were so excited - and got hour ass handed, of course). I could tell 100 more stories, but it's all the same - something seems to be impossible at first, and a bit later (practice, time, strategy, gearing up, ...) you kill it. The more "unsurmountable" something is at first, the greater the feeling of achievement later on, especially if it's really hard earned work without any help from outside that made us kill it. That's why watching the Ragnaros first kill video still gives me goosebumps - we didn't even know if we would ever manage to kill him, and we tried for weeks.

    You might say this only applies to RPG - which is true to some extent. If you joined a raid group when they already cleared everything and it was basically "weekly farming", the first kill is much less meaningful. But I even had this feeling in a completely different genre, namely strategy. My first time playing Civilization 1 I created my small little empire, thought everything was going well, I was slowly making progress and on the verge of the Industrial Revolution... and then the Aztecs came and crushed me with tanks. Scumbags. Even years later in any successor of Civilization, I head for the Aztecs first. Life long payback for what they have done to me. In general, I prefer to use diplomatic win options, but for the Aztecs even nuclear bombs are an option.
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    Bagstone, don't be a noob, join us. I've been playing this game for less than two weeks, it's really easy to get a grip on the basics. Plus, you don't have to use the wiki; if you got an item in your bag and you don't know what it's for, just ask the guide, he'll tell you about everything in the game that is craftable using that item.
    If you want the IP/pass for our server, just PM me.
    Terraria ex DFans for life.

    I suppose that, IF you really want to, I could start a new character with you and show you the ropes.

    Jamoose, you're a cheater. I'm gonna long into the world and destroy your forbidden chests.
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    In-game conversation.....

    Maka: "Did you see Link's work?"
    Jamoose: "No."
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    Also Bagstone, I've noticed you consider some of us "experienced"...

    Duuude, we're not... :P this is what a Terraria-pro looks like:

    No need to check all his videos (he has a ton), but this one in particular highlights the difference between what a pro can do with very little resources, compared to how much we mortals suffer with a lot of equipment.

    And if I can ever be half as good (in terms of game knowledge, awareness and controls) as this, I'd be pretty happy with myself :D
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    This guy has knowledge AND skill. I have neither of that. You definitely have knowledge, as you told me you played quite a while already... so you are definitely "experienced". Of course there's always someone who's more experienced (and might have more knowledge and more skill) :-)

    Anyways, the best advice ever was the hook. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN. I'm freaking Tarzan! :D
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    Bagstone, we playing or what?
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    :lol: I'm glad you're liking it.. makes mining/exploring a lot easier isn't it?
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    Maka don't get anywhere near my chests and throne room you bastard!

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    Bah. You think you're all that. We'll see what 'The Board' decides.
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    Quote from maka

    Bagstone, we playing or what?

    Let me at least kill the first boss on my own :P Eye of Cthulhu dead, well, it was kind of a joke anyways. Pew pew with my cheap wand. I'm getting used to the game play and should be up for a sneak peak into your world later this week.

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    :lol: I'm glad you're liking it.. makes mining/exploring a lot easier isn't it?

    Yes. I'm not using any ropes, actually; just the hook all the time. And I got an awesome double jump trinket... this game is too much fun. Also finally bought the miner's hat.
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    Boo, Bagstone. Boooo!
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    Maka and Jamoose... You guys should take this argument "outside"... And by outside I mean you should duel...

    PvP wars naow!!! When is the first tournament? :P
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    He took the liberty of making a throne room in the house for himself :P
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    Jesus, nobody notices when I fix the Castle up nice and pretty with real stone bricks.

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    Jamoose didn't notice. I pointed it out for him. His response? "Oh, yeah".

    End of story.
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    Sorry i did not notice at first :P
    But we added switches for the bottom level doors and the lava pits so that's a thing.

    @Maka: I am going to build an arena for pvp today so get ready to get your ass kicked.

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    Bring it, bitch.

    Also, Link replaced your bridges. Like I know he would :P
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    Couldn't log on yesterday. Hopefully today i will (after work).

    Did i miss anything special? :ninja:

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    Bagstone was on. We explored a bit, mined some stuff for him, killed the Eater of Worlds for some demonite, introduced him to lava and how to make obsidian.
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    And I left a huge pile of poop in your throne room!

    ... j/k. Awesome stuff you built there. And thanks again maka for showing me all this and for all the help. I actually didn't go to sleep after crafting my stuff... instead, built a very simple hellevator in my game and put my new gear to use. Terraria Underworld is, in my opinion, what (at least parts of) Diablo should look like ;-)
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