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    I find it hard to believe that not one person posted for more than 25 hours here.
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    I have 3 things lined up for you guys:

    1. Inhumane stomach infection threaten the life of a nerdy dude!
    Have my testweek next week and I'm so screwed. Been so lazy this semester so far; mostly my own fault, but I was continually ill for a long time.I was actually in the hospital for a couple of days...nothing serious. One of the downsides is that they didn't find a full diagnoses for whatever was wrong with me. Well this was almost a month ago and no recurring illness, so I guess this was a one time thing.

    (Why didn't this asshole bunny not told us his symptoms or gave a vague description of his illness so far?)

    Well I was busy eating Fizzers when my stomach began to pain. I though this was just because I hadn't eaten proper food all day and eating sweets is what caused this familiar pain. So I stopped right there and went to make me some proper food, but by the time the food was finished, the pain had grown in an unknown degree. I ate as much as I could before physically being unable to. The pain was so intense, I literally couldn't stand up or at a bigger than 90 degree angle between my upper body and legs (upsidedown L. lol), also started having those cold sweat reactions or what you may call it. So it basically looked like I walked trying to touch my toes the whole damn time! The only way I could ease the pain was to crawl into a fetus position and stay like that.

    But after some time I thought going to the bathroom might help, it didn't. I usually don't get very ill often and when I am I sleep it off. So I wanted to sleep it off but couldn't, so just as I was about to call my parents (they are very supportive in such ways!), my dad called me to ask how I was doin and that my step sis also had a stomach ache (not as severe as mine, we thought it might be food poisoning, but my parents also ate the food we ate [when I was at home the weekend]).

    Nevertheless, my dad called my other step sis, cause she coincidentally was in town at a get together. She end up picking me up and taking me to the hospital. Puked on the way there (due to the motion of the car)(sorry for including every detail, you might just know what was wrong!). We get there and went to the emergency room, filled in some forms, waited a bit and was then showed to a nurse.

    She told me to lay down, and obviously I couldn't cause the pain became so great when I tried to. Did some tests, asked some questions, took a sample of blood and hooked me up to a drip (for the pain of course), that drip finished and she asked me if the pain had reduced, but it didn't. She then gave me morphine shot and after a few minutes asked again how the pain was...Still the same. She then gave the last recommended amount of morphine to me. Same story, still in horrible pain. I could feel the effect of it (feels drowsy, drugged) but it did nothing to the pain.

    Went to the ward and stayed the night, couldn't really sleep. By that morning, the pain had reduced but was still there. They continue to hook me up to drips and eventually the pain went away. YAY!! Did some more tests the day and was released the day thereafter. The only thing the doc said was that I had a high infection count from my blood sample. So during my stay they didn't gave specific medication, just infection/pain drips.

    tl;dr - I had an infection in my stomach with unimaginable pain. Morphine didn't help. Was released the next day.

    PS Really didn't think This was gonna be this long...

    2. Bro's getting married this weekend!
    Fuck yeah!

    3. My first legendary item after 1.0.4!
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    Damn seems like a pretty nice one.
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    Hey guise, hey, hey guise,
    hey, hey,
    hey guise,


    guise, hey,

    i haerd dibola 3 suckz lol
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    Quote from Umpa

    Quote from proletaria

    College is overrated. You will hear this one and only one time from me, a career professor and here are the situations and reasons why:

    1. Degree Mills: The bachelor is currently worth fairly close to nothing. Work experience is more highly prized and post-graduate education is assumed or greatly desired anywhere that degree training is relevant.

    2. Contracted Economy: The work-force grows and the number of employers has shrunk. Vegas made a very appropriate assumption in suggesting that this was a good time to start a business (although certainly no guarantee of success).

    3. Public Knowledge: Almost all the information our species has, collectively, is online somewhere. Given a strong enough desire to learn about something, you can readily self-teach more than ever.

    Having said all that, it is untenable that -most- [potential] students should choose this path. It would lead to a reversal of situations where degrees are over-valued, employers too numerous, and information closely guarded. I think we may indeed be trending this way with the most recent generation understanding the failures of post-secondary institutions.

    I also think that a well-rounded education does make better persons, but given the option of recommending someone to attend a rather expensive four year institution or telling them to find out about their topics of interest at khanacademy.org (or some such) is a no-brainer. It is more imrpotant than ever to truly grasp what one wants out of their education before making an investment into it.


    My advice would be more generalized: to find an interest and then try to shoe-horn it into a career.

    Very nice. I have been playing with those ideas myself for the past few years. Especially as a artist, it is cut and dry as far as the bachelor is concerned. The degree means nothing in my field. Thus, I'm actually at school to learn. Go figure lol.

    Maybe, once this opinion is widely recognized as a relative truth, the approach to secondary school will evolve. As is, the system still sets under the guise of "come pay lots of money to say you have a degree with us". In other words, reputation is still important. Maybe once there is such an over inflation of degrees, the school systems might change the motto to "hey, come spend some money to actually learn something since we all know that nobody cares about what school you went to anymore!"

    Not to say that such a scenario will occur soon or even ever. Just a thought. Maybe we just won't have physical schools in the future. :P

    Yet, there is still an important motto to consider that holds true today. "It's not what you know, but who you know". Aside from the actual skill that I am learning, the most important thing is the people I have been connected to. And at any one of those massively prestigious schools there are certainly a few good people to know there.

    Edit: I agree Vegas. And I REALLY hope that holds true for me. So far so good! :D

    For the record, I'm a self-taught software-engineer with matching/superior theoretical knowledge to at least two people I know who studied at a university, and obviously practical knowledge is no issue either (as in, it's a matter of time/experience). Maybe I could be better in general maths, but nothing that holds me back in my job...
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    Sad spidercat is sad...

    Just as the Scorpion hunts...
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    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." ~ Ezio Auditore de Firenze
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    today I finally beat Diablo on normal with my WD, I have to start a monk now :D

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Just wanted to share this with everyone.

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    I want a slap like that.
    Ne frustra vixisse videar.
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    Me Too!
    Just as the Scorpion hunts...
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    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." ~ Ezio Auditore de Firenze
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    Ha ha.. I've watched that gif more than I'd like to admit. The stagger after the slap and the look on his face just makes me laugh every time.

    The top comment for this video also had me laughing:


    "Dude is high as fuck. Petting plants and shit."
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    This comic pretty much sums up DFans lately.

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    That is both extremely weird and sad.
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    And awesome, don't forget awesome.
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    Creative stuff. :)
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    something-something-ception :D

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    da faq... wow only 1 page of posts over two weeks what happened here?
    Playing Diablo since 97. I know nothing and having nothing good to say, I be a troll.
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    It's as old as the Internet.
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    if it's like it used to be, we take breaks once in a while :P

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Lindsey Stirling did a Game of Thrones cover. It's pretty awesome. :D

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