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    I have 7 fans in my computer (that's including the PSU, CPU Heatsink, and Graphics card) with room to change the 200mm top fan into two smaller 120/140mm fans and the addition of 2 120mm fans on the bottom of the case. Would that be overkill? And what does it mean when I can put in 2 x 120 / 140mm fans? Two links for your convenience.


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    is your pc noisy with that amount of fans?
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    Not really. I might just replace some of the fans with better, quieter ones before getting a couple more in. The only time it gets loud is when I'm playing minecraft. I think it's the PSU kicking up the speed because my entire room will start heating up from it.
    Just as the Scorpion hunts...
    Silently Lurking...

    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted." ~ Ezio Auditore de Firenze
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    im scared of a nosiy pc, cos i think noisy is bad

    as ive said before, my old pc was a tank, treated it badly, what i mean is that i never cleaned it out, 6 yeras of dust inside it

    but it wasnt loud, well it got a tad loud cos of the dirt i assume, then it died

    but this new one im treating it like a baby, and its ascting like one, i have to watch for stuff lol
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    Quote from Umpa

    tl; dr


    i concur

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    Quote from FreddyBenson

    is your pc noisy with that amount of fans?

    That's what music is for!
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    Quote from FreddyBenson


    Lmao that was entertaining fred =D Make sure to watch your GPU temp though, with your GPU's fan that low it could easily rise and start to melt your card D= My noisy ass GTX 470 gets up to the maximum (as in I reach the top of the chart) of 108C (yes, Celsius) when it's at like 30% or lower fan speed, even on D3 beta. But I like to keep the temp around 70C and my fan speed at about 70% which isn't that noisy at all.

    TLDR; Make sure you temp is good =D

    (replaces your long ass story with 'stuff')
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    I also have 4 fans besides my CPU/GPU/PSU, not really loud at all. I'd rather have the fans blowing a little hard than not hard enough. (yeah, yeah.)

    I'm always paranoid my PC is going to just go up in flames.
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    Quote from FreddyBenson

    its now 12.20am TONIGHT

    12:20am would technically be morning. ;)
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    Quote from ScP_Iodine

    The stupid button on my stupid shirt pocket that was holding my stupid phone in place decided to unbutton itself, very stupidly i might add, which in turn allowed my stupid phone to fall every so stupidly into the big stupid bucket...

    Quote from Trannsvaal

    OK, I get the phone, I think.
    Someone tell me something about stupid water, I am intrigued!!!

    Stupid water: water that eats phones

    WIN! :Thumbs Up: that made me laugh, nice.

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    i fucking hate ATI catalyst control center

    [and all that funny stuff in between]

    i hope you like my little story, im going to make a victory sandwich

    ...and that's why I pretty much set my BIOS to factory default or factory optimized with only a few minor tweaks. :lol:

    I feel your pain though
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    Quote from VegasRage

    Quote from succubus_queen

    But then, I wear Skechers hiking boots or Converse One Star and novelty tee shirts 5 days a week. I'm just lazy. :P

    You would look awesome in demon hunter clothing

    This is digging back pretty far, but I want to answer. I want to do a very serious DH costume for Halloween, and maybe dragoncon in September. But I don't know which armor set to base it on, or how to emulate the metal pieces, or.... well lots of problems actually. But there's still quite a few months, so maybe I'll be able to pull it off.

    I've never done anything like that. My only Cosplay so far has been I-No from Guilty Gear last year. But I just passed my measurements off to some cosplay company and let them do all the work, so this would be totally different. Something I really want to do to commemorate the year of D3 though. :P
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    Sounds awesome, I'll come as Headric your black smith and drool after you :D
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    I have a fan that i sit my laptop on, it also has little rubber nubs so it doesn't slip off. :)
    let me rephrase that.. i sit my macbook on it. I'm a real winnarr guise XD

    I wanna cosplay a witch doctor, just run around in a loin cloth and a mask shouting a bunch of gibberish and throw jars of spiders at people. I think it would go over great
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    Quote from VegasRage

    Sounds awesome, I'll come as Headric your black smith and drool after you :D

    You can be my blacksmith, if I can be your aprentice and learn to make all the weird fake metal bits I need. :P
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    You got it girl, but I can't guarantee my costume training skills will do you justice
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    Does anyone else watch Let's Play videos?

    I've found myself enjoying them more than actually playing games lately. I've found a few people that I just love to watch because of their commentary.

    Toby is one of my favorites:
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    My wife and son watch Tobuscus religiously. Myself I can only take a few minutes before losing interest.
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    Yes I've been addicted to ForceStrategy lets plays and commentaries for months now, as well as BlueXephos.

    There have been times where I've sat and watched SC2 commentary for hours on end
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    I watch BlueXephos, OMFGCata, TotalHalibut, Yogscast2, YogscastSips, YogscastSjin, Siaynoq8, sometimes Force, I'm really addicted to lets plays.
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    It's weird I used to really like Yogscast but anymore I can't even watch any of their videos. Same with TotalBiscuit, although I'll click on his videos if something interesting pops up from him. TB has a really good voice so I don't mind listening to his videos in the background.

    Other than Tobuscus I watch ZackScott from time to time. Otherwise I just look up a game I'm interested in playing and look for a decent Let's Play. :P
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