Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away

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    Quote from Melt

    Bleh, so many premises and assumptions and Star Warsing.
    It reminds me of people who didn´t want to cross the oceans because obviously you will fall down at the end.

    Traveling at the speed of light is such an overused term. These things are theories, they are constructions that help our very pathetic weak little minds to have fun "exploring" and profiling one another. Atoms used to be the smallest things possible. Time used to be a dimension and the theories regarding gravity have been changed thousands of times and still there is no such thing that can even remotely make us humans understand what this thing is supposed to be. Science isn´t made for finding answers, it´s made for asking questions.

    Most importantly: Limitation of human perception! We have only 5 ways to perceive our environment. Every memory, thought or idea we ever had or will ever have has to pass one of the channels. We can not perceive gravity so that's why we have to create mathematical and physical constructions to allow us understand those parts of gravity that are suited for us. It doesn´t mean we have "encoded", "grasped" or "perceived" it because it always is going to be a construction.

    Besides: There´s nothing interesting out there. You might trick yourself into thinking it´s cool to discover new stuff, but i suggest you to just hold on a second and think WHY you think it is "fun" or "interesting" to discover.
    In the end Psychology >>> Physics. "Nietzsche" and "Kant" can answer every question you didn´t even dare asking. Understand "Critique of pure reason" and watch as the universe shrinks down into that 6 feet tall thing that you are.

    One of the most pretentious and fundamentally empty posts I've seen in a while.
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing.
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    Gentle bump.
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    I'm pretty interested in the faster you go ( you = any object ) the less effect time has ON said object theory. This means that we wouldn't have to break the speed of light to be able to cross vast distances. If we were able to create a ship that could travel 99% the speed of light, it would take just a couple years to travel millions of light years. An obvious huge problem with this; to us (inside the ship) and the ship, it's taking a tiny fraction of the time to travel a distance. To everyone else in the entire universe, we are hauling ass BUT it would be millions of years as everyone watched our ship. So we'd run the risk of literally hitting something, being attacked, ect. And of course as soon as we stop the universe most likely would have drastically changed.

    Still, there would be uses for this. Pretend I'm extraordinarily rich. I REALLY don't want to wait for RoS to launch. I secretly take my spaceship out into space, find a nice cozy spot that my computer has deemed as safe for the time I want to spend there, I do the math and figure out that I need to go 99% the speed of light for like ( I have no idea, actually haven't done the math) 4 minutes, and boom I do a straight shot for two minutes, then turn around and do the same. It's taken me and my spacecraft and afternoon of launching / flying / landing, and bam I just "time traveled", 6 months into the future.
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    For great justice :-)
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    NECRO, only because this glorious thread needs to be.

    For those that watched Carl Sagan's Space Odyssey there is a new television series hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, it's a reboot of Carl Sagan's Space Odyssey. It's fantastic. It goes by the name of Cosmos: A Space Odyssey.
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