[Graphic] Injury anyone can get through carelessness

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    I put graphic in the title since the photo’s do contain blood, I also know stuff like this has been posted (even nastier), so I feel safe posting this.

    This isn’t about Diablo, instead it’s about something that can maim you for life and is actually incredibly easy to do if you have a slight anger problem or if you’re accident prone like I am.

    The 11th of April I fell with a cup and it severed two of my flexor tendons, I didn’t know what this meant or how it would affect me – I was silly and thought I’d be able to use my hand fully again in a few days.

    Flexor tendons are the stringy white stuff that enables you to bend your fingers and apply pressure. I lost the ability to bend my fingers and this is permanent. On my one finger I lost 80% usage, I can basically only bend it about 5% on each joint; the other finger I lost about 90% as I can’t bend the last joint at all.

    The tendons sit incredibly close to the skin and are actually remarkably easy to sever if cut on the correct place – even a small cut can cause this.

    The reason I’m posting this is because I know some of you probably feel like breaking something at some point if you’re an aggressive gamer, maybe even smash a glass close to you, or something like that. I put this here as a reminder that something as silly as that can cause you to lose something very important.

    The fact that something like that can cause something like this isn’t a known fact as far as I know and people misjudge what such an injury can do to you. This has affected me largely as it’s on my right hand and it’s my index and middle finger.

    So people, be careful – it’s not nice losing the full usage of your hand.

    And yes, I can still play games, just a bit slower reaction times as I now use my pinkie and ring finger until I can apply more pressure with the two injured fingers. Honestly, I would’ve learned to play with my feet if need be :P

    This is the photo’s of the wound.

    The first one is where they try to stop the bleeding right after the accident.
    The second one is after the stitching was done and the last one is after the surgery to reattach the tendons, the reason the cut is larger is because they needed to go retrieve it (it springs back, think of a snapped rubber band)




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    Ouch, this is horrible. I feel very sorry for you.
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    Moving this to Off-Topic.
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    I felt that cringe in my butt...

    I hope you get well dude.

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    Aww dude, these are such sad news :( having such a serious injury from something as simple as falling with a cup.

    Thanks for the heads-up, and I hope your situation improves in the near future.
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    Quote from overneathe

    Moving this to Off-Topic.

    Sorry, I thought I placed it there to start off with as this has nothing to do with Diablo.
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    No worries at all, just don't get angry at me. :o

    I kid, I kid. Get well soon!
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    Quote from overneathe

    No worries at all, just don't get angry at me. :o

    I kid, I kid. Get well soon!

    Haha, yeah. When I'm angry you'll know :P

    And thank you. :)
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    Jesus tap dancing Christ.

    This is certainly a good reminder to find better ways to channel my anger at situations!
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    Quote from shaggy

    Jesus tap dancing Christ.

    This is certainly a good reminder to find better ways to channel my anger at situations!

    I am currently imagining Jesus tap dancing with Sheogoraths wabbajack staff.
    You've made my day.

    Though yeah, be careful. This is why I'm sharing this because previously I had smashed stuff out of pissy anger at some or other thing and it might as well been that instead of my accident.

    I really do think they should warn people about this for various reasons, not just random temper fits. You can even cut it if you cut your wrist since the tendons stretch between your radius and ulna - though you need to cut much deeper there than in your hand.

    Spread the word dude.
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    For your pleasure! Hope you get well soon! Remember, exercising it will help get back usage.

    Found this: http://www.livestrong.com/article/311830-exercises-for-a-flexor-tendon-injury/

    Hope it helps!
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