scammers(mariiio). solution?

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    I just saw how lame scammers can be. Though this is a big problem for the diablo3 community, in my opinion.
    I witnessed many obvious scams on trade or other chats, but now I almost got scammed myself. This guy, mariiio, was selling an item on trade chat. When I wanted to finish the trade, don't know how, but accept wasn't available. After few "wtf","just press accept", he switched the item with a junk. I laughed and, well , he left the game.
    Scams are usually based on your lack of attention, but it should be penalized with account ban(usually there is an account for these things only,without important gear or cash and , I think, they use other methods of getting gold like bots and what not. They affect the economy badly since they surely sell that gold). I know this may be hard to prove, but what is there to do when this kind of people succeed?
    I am hoping to get a blue post regarding this, if there is a way I can report this kind of behavior, if there is some solution regarding scammers.
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    You would have to post on to get a blue response because this is not the official forums, only a fan site.

    However in regards to the issue, people just got to be careful. Always check the item in every step of the trade process. It's very easy for someone to be fooled. Just make sure the item you are buying is there before hitting accept. If you have to click accept again, check the item again.
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    Posted there also and added him on In fact he was already added by someone else, I just added my post and screens. Still, I think there is enough evidence to ban him, a blacklist is half of a solution.
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