You Decide PoE or D3?

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    Quote from POI5ON



    Insane Skill Tree, Long grind to level cap (100), No AH, No Gold as currency,
    Set around a dark theme, Helpful community, Has PvP, Has Ladders,
    Awesome skill design, Innovative game play, F2P, Interesting flask system.


    Slightly outdated graphics, Lack of key binds, Cant customize the UI, Not very user friendly, Steep learning curve, Group play can be a pain to setup. Loss of XP when you die.

    I highlighted certain pro's, why? Because D3 does have these! (and yes I do realise that post was made a while ago)

    I'm actually slightly offended you didn't put the helpful community in Diablos pros. Diablofans stands out amongst other fan sites like an in-grown toenail. (I don't want to) I'm assuming you're judging Diablos community based on either the in-game chat or the horrible place they call a forum over on the blizzard site rather than on fan sites, where the real community is.

    Diablo has PvP.

    Diablo also has awesome skill design! Although I find this reason to be heavily opinion based.

    Not sure why you said PoE is dark themed but Diablo isn't....

    The level cap is also insanely huge on Diablo! I've got 350+ hours and I'm only paragon 50 on my only max level character. (I don't play heaps because of uni and work)
    Bashiok - Blizzard Representative - 08/01/2011 -"So how many skill combinations are there now? Well taking into account 6 active skills, all the rune combinations, and 3 passives we currently expect each class to have roughly 2,285,814,795,264 different build combinations."

    "Hey, I thought you'd like the witty irony of grub-on-glowie violence!"
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    I think PoE is ugly. I bet all d2 players hate me for this, but I rather not play a game that looks at least 10 years old. Indie studio or whatnot.
    Also don't like the final fantasy rip-off skilltree.
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