What other games are you playing these days?

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    The cave, Bastion, Path of Exile (I finally gave in to peer pressure :P ) and Little Inferno... all of them great games :D

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Going through all of the Final Fantasy games in order. Still playing the first one with ~40 hours on it. Probably going to be done sometime in 2015 at this pace. Lol..

    Also, I recommend To The Moon if you enjoy a really good story. Not much game play elements other than finding 5 "clues" to help you move onto the next area. But the story is so amazing. :D
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    beside diablo, wow and football manager..
    rest,titles come and go..
    guess only game I'm anxious about to get my hands on,is new GTA,even thou,frikking consoles,
    gonna have to figure something out if they don't release pc version in some reasonable time..
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    Currently both Bioshok's
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    I've currently been playing a lot of grand strategy games these past months. They're unique in the regard that you control a nation and lead it through a set period of time rather than leading individual troops on a battlefield.

    Picture in the link is from Victoria 2, a grand strategy game set during the industrial revolution. I started playing as Prussia, then formed the North German Federation and finally the German Empire, which after a few political reforms turned into Germany.

    The games themselves can be a bit tough to get into as there's a lot to learn at once, but once you get past all that they're great fun.
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    I recommend Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider!
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    I'm having a good time with Age of Empires II HD edition, Elder scrolls: Skrym (dragonborn dlc), Neverwinter (trying it out on free open beta - ARPG/MMO) but I'm eagerly waiting for 1.0.8 so I can do some Mp1 partyfarming with my brother on HC.
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    I am playing the Warframe Beta on Steam, it has a nice Level Progression, crafting and some Kind of TCG funcionality =)
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    Try Blacklight: Retribution on Steam. Much better than Battlefield, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, etc...
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    Been playing Dead Island: Riptide, although it lacks any new stuff to the game (in reality very little changes from the original), it is still very enjoyable if you are not highly critical of it. Also been playing some HoN and the old reliable NHL13 on my xbox.
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    Been playing Dragon's Dogma. Having a blast:)
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    I've got a huge backlog on Steam. Darn sales! :) The better ones I've played lately are To the Moon, Poker Night at the Inventory 1 (2 is ok but not as good imho), Syberia, and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Also, for anyone with a PS3, I highly recommend Heavy Rain if you (like me) feel that story in video games tends to suck.
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    Quote from tanis0


    Man. This game brings back feels.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    capsized , revenge of the titans and CiV 5
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    assassins creed 1......
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