(Full Spoilers) Iron Man 3 discussion (Full Spoilers)

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    So I will start off with my little theory.

    Killian was not really the Mandarin, The Mandarin is the leader of the Ten Rings, which was the organization that kidnapped Tony in the first film, One thing I noticed in the movie, they never refer him as the leader...only The Master, and in the broadcasts Ben Kingsley is clearly wearing his 10 rings the source of his power, however when Tony confronts him, he isn't wearing them and acts as if he is just a lonely actor.

    The biggest tip off is that in 1999 Killian was still handicapped and hasn't invented Extremis yet, and had no funding to do so, So in just 9 years, he was able to "perfect" Extremis, and start an international crime organzation that has killed thousands in such little time?

    One can argue that Obedius was the one that funded him I guess.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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