Did you change any habbits?

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    Alot of people tend to either start new habbits or dump old ones, whenever a big event happens in their life. Whether it be a milestone like a new job, a new chapter like a new girl/boyfriend or when you buy a new house, changes usually come when something big is happening around you.

    Personally, I saw Diablo 3 as a big deal. I had waited for it for many years and the anticipation was killing me. Thus, I decided to break a bad habbit, on the day that Diablo 3 was launched. It was a change that I had been thinking about for a while, where I now had a perfect opportunity to draw a line and make the change.

    I quit smoking the minute I had my copy in hand. Now we're 2 months in, and I'm still going strong.

    As I'm sitting here, bored out of my mind at work, I was wondering if any of you had done something similar at the release of Diablo 3. So my question to this community is this:

    Did you change any habbit or make a lifestyle change, at the release of Diablo 3?

    Let's share our victories (and/or failures) and see what else the game has brought us. I'll be looking forward to your reponses!

    While I know that this topic is very high-trollable, I kindly ask you to stay on topic.

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    Dude. That's incredible! I've been a smoker on and off for 8 years now, and I just don't know how to kick the habit! Your story is pretty darn inspiring and I salute you sir.

    As for me, I actually did want to make a change to one of my habits when diablo 3 launched. (please don't laugh, mine is far more trivial and a smaller acheivement than yours). I wanted to handle my time better when it came to playing video games.

    Before D3 I would play mmo's, and rpg games without regulating the time I spent playing them. this ended up being pretty destructive, as I was just sitting in my chair, logged into some video game, sometimes not doing anything until 2-3 am. it was affecting my work a bit, cause I somtimes slept through my alarm and had to rush in all bleary eyed.

    I decided to be more productive with my time. I tend to theorycraft games as well as just play them now. I take my time to think of strategies off line, so that when I go to play I can jump right in and try them out. then log off and talk with friends if it didnt work, or go and do something else.

    I just didn't want to sit at my computer for hours on end, achieveing nothing, trolling in trade chat. etc etc.

    I did it. I don't actually spend that much time IN GAME any more, and since May 15th. I havn't stayed up later than 12 midnight, playing a video game on a weeknight (weekends are fun times!)

    I know this sounds pretty pathetic but I now perform better at work and Have more time to do other stuff (like see real life humanoids)

    Huzzah for me!

    -signed a loser.

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    Rhetical - Managing your time can be just as hard as kicking a bad habit. You're change is no less a feat than mine and you should be proud of it! Keep going strong - It shounds like a very positive change overall :)

    A little tip for quitting smoking by the way. I have been smoking 1-2 packs a day for 9 years. The best tip i can give is taking a week off and be at home. Relax, play games and watch videos. Buy alot of spearmint gum (or a flavor of your type) and whenever you feel like a smoke, grab a gum instead.

    The worst period is the 3 first days. After your past day 3, the worst of the physical addiction is over. After this, is about breaking a habbit, more so than breaking a addiction. Once you're past the 3 days, everything will be a tad easier.

    Best of luck!
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    Quote from Nordicus

    The worst period is the 3 first days. After your past day 3, the worst of the physical addiction is over. After this, is about breaking a habbit, more so than breaking a addiction. Once you're past the 3 days, everything will be a tad easier.

    Slightly off-topic, I also quit smoking about 7 years ago. I can attest that this quote is true. I was "lucky" enough to get extremely sick - acute bronchitis and a sinus infection at the same time - so sick that I was unable to get out of bed for anything more than a bathroom break for literally every bit of 3 days.

    After 3 days without a cigarette I saw my opportunity and decided to make the jump to being a true non-smoker. It was very difficult in the weeks and months that followed, and to this day I still have cravings for a cigarette, but I am proud to say that I haven't had a single smoke since.

    You can do it.
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    I started sleeping less.
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    I really should quit smoking.
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    I never started, so I can't contribute to that.

    I will say that once I get my license (I'm 21 btw) and can drive back and forth to work and school instead of wasting 4+ hours a day on a bus, I will use that bus time to hit the gym everyday and get my 62-3/4" tall body from fat ass 235 to around 185 (160 would take me forever) doing nothing but intensive cardio then combining with strength training to help keep the weight off, once 185 is in sight. I'll throw some natural tanning (outdoor sun, not booth crap) in when strength training.

    Driving would be 40 mins total a day with just work, bump that up to about 60 when I have class. That's 3 extra hours of my time.

    I will have my license by October, so perfect outdoors workout weather for me.
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    Yes, earlier I had a bad habit of biting nails and I got a stomach pain because of it and suffered a lot. But now I have stopped it and its better for my rest of life.
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    I started to put an end to all of my obsessive behaviours (especially in regards to the way I play video games) about a week after the release of Diablo III. I've spent the last two months working on that and about a week ago I feel I've finally succeeded.

    Fucking awesome.
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    I was dating two girls concurrently, neither of which was really a good idea. So just before DIII's release; broke up with both of them. Even though DIII has been a huge let down, still glad I made that decision. That's my positive life change and now I have a much better girl. Thank you DIII :D
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    Grats, i hope you stay strong,
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