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    Greetings people @

    I've been, for quite a long time, recording my gameplay in both Diablo 3 and other games (such as battlefield 3). However... My internet bandwidth is not so high (upload is around 175kb/s at best).
    I was wondering... Is there a way to reduce the filesize of fraps raw files (mine are usually 4gb parts)?
    - Without the use of haxprograms such as Vegas and the likes.

    It takes me... QUITE some time to upload a video to youtube, and always given up after 3 hours. One time, It had tried to run an entire night, but at some point, the interwebs had disconnected. Mlegh!.

    So... How do I edit / compres(?) a fraps file into something smaller, without hurting it's graphics, as I've been trying to fix a "how to kill- guide" -in a classforum?

    Best Regards
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    I've been using Virtual Dub to compress the files. With a separately installed Xvid codec which I choose every time I render a new file.

    But then VDub has like LOTS of compatibility problems so lately I've been using AVS Video Editor... which I have to say is the best thing I've done for anything video on my system. Amazing problem.

    To not "hurt" the graphics with VDub you need the Xvid codec downloaded and installed separately, after which choosing it every time from "video compression". For AVSVE when you go "Render video" you choose "1080p HD" and voila. Nothing more needed.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Thanks for the info; will try that out later today :-).
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    You can use MediaCoder too, it's free, has a nice wizard, and has built in GPU acceleration. A nice program to start video encoding with.
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