Making a 3D game - suggestions/ideas please

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    Hello, im making a 3D engine for my game, but I cannot come up with a good idea for the game's conecpt.
    I am doing it all alone, so im trying to come up with something I can really realize. The issue is, anything I think of is already out there and I dont want to clone a game. For example, a free world where you can create things .. = minecraft or terraria. I dont think there is much room where i can go with that. And this is how it goes when I try to come up with something .. maybe its also becuase I know thoes games so its the only thing that comes into my mind.

    So Im asking here for help. Got any ideas what to do? What do you like about games, and how should a good game look like? Genre, mechanics .. etc.?

    A few things to consider:
    -It has to be 3D
    -probably a lot of randomization involved
    -Im looking forward to doing a physics engine into it aswell, hopefully maybe even something like in diablo3.
    -I have to make all 3D models alone, so the quality will not be anything extra, plus it should not be something huge, like world of warcraft for example.
    -not any 1st person shooters/racing or something like that. That stuff gets boring too fast and/or is content heavy + lack of randomization and replayability.

    Thanks for your time and any ideas/suggestions.

    ps:sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker.
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    There always room to come up with a new and fresh game idea.
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    I haven't seen any good evolution games around, I mean, one with a natural selection system that actually works, every virtual pet or similar game has a design element to it that isn't anything like natural selection, and I'd love to play a game like that, I know is hard as hell (or inferno :P) though

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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