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Could someone lend me their beta?

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    I am pretty sure I am going to get banned for posting this, but I am really desperate. I wanna play the game so badly, problem is I don't have a beta key. The chance of winning in one of those contests is slim, therefor I am kindly asking for a real nice guy who has beta access, to actually allow me to play. I know that what I am asking is totally irrational since no one can vouch for my honesty. I just really really really REALLY wanna get a chance to play the beta even ONCE! One playthrough is all I am asking... So could anyone be kind enough and make my wish come true?
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    I'm hoping to win a beta key but you're right chances are slim.
    But I would highly doubt anyone would just give you their copy of D3 to try.
    Do what I do till then read, learn, and watch some youtube videos.

    Not the same thing but at least you get to see what's going on.
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    Prepare 2 be locked, not banned though.
    Ne frustra vixisse videar.
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    If u want it so bad, go rent an account for 10$... there are shitloads of em
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    you should be given an account for the simple fact you threw your dignity to the wind.
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    Quote from Trombone

    Prepare 2 be locked, not banned though.

    Quoted for truth.
    "All generalizations are false, including this one." -Mark Twain
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