What would you do for a D3 beta key?

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    I wondered what are you willing to do for a Diablo 3 beta key? :d3d:
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    i wouldn't do much! i would only keep hope and hope to get pick :)!
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    I would do what I've been doing...registering on fan sites and following twitters and entering into contests with the very slim chance of getting a beta key. If you're asking me if I'd pay any money, I would not. If you're asking me if I'd eat a Klondike bar, I would. :P
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    There are many things I wouldn't do. Like pay for the beta. Or even get into a fight for it. Unless the fight didn't involve a chance for jail time. But I would definitely beg and kiss ass to get a beta. Or I at least would. I am now having second thoughts because I feel there is about three months till release.
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    I'd probably watch "two girls one cup" again if I had to. I would not sit through "Beverly Hills Cop 3" again but I could sit through number 2 again. On the Beverly Hills Cops scale I'm about a 2.
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    If killing a kitten would get me into the beta, I'll do it.
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    I would even watch twillight! ALL THREE O THEM!

    A n y t h i n g . . .
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    Quote from Lortex

    I would even watch twillight! ALL THREE O THEM!

    A n y t h i n g . . .

    I watched Breaking Dawn yesterday without being forced to, that's how bored I am. Someone needs to save me from my own madness and give me a beta key before irreversible damage is done and I end up being first in line at the cinema to watch Breaking Dawn part 2. Won't somebody help me?
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    Listen to Rebecca Black - Friday on repeat for 24 hours
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    strip in web-cam? :P
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    What would I do for a beta key? I would go to university and graduate among the top in my class. Tirelessly apply to every applicable Blizzard job posting. Get hired. Move to california leaving my friends and family behind. Use my security card to gain access to the d3 development area and meat a girl. I will then begin to date that girl for months, slowly winning her affection and trust. At that point she will give me a beta key. I will play it and sip a cold beer, pleased at my success.
    You may think, "surely the game will be out by then and you wont need a beta key"
    But lets be serious, it wont be out - it will be beta patch 30023
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