with all do respect

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    Quote from "DarknessAngel" »
    metheman, i can conclude you a are cyber nerd freak by the following
    1. atrocious online spelling mistakes and online acronymes
    2. way of speaking ex) 'gg lyk->luk?' gg= good game = IN GAME NOT FORUMs
    3.repetition of 'gg'
    4.online dissing, which is pointless

    i rest my case

    Well put, apparently someone who has no intentions of being of any use to anyone in the near future regarding diablo3 :)

    I forgot to mention, if I had the opportunity I would perma ban ips of people who do nothing but talk down to the obviously more educated people who run this site and the normal folk who come here to talk about a game they love. If nothing else I would delete this entire thread.
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    I'd suck the developers dick just to see play Diablo III before anyone else! Methemans got a point there. But I am not gay in any way. I'd just do anything to go down in gaming history. No pun intended.
    "You cannot fight fire with fire, but you can make one hell of a glow." - Michael Xavier Hyde (December 1994)
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    Hehe, you may not be gay, but that was still a lousy post to introduce yourself with.
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    Well damn.. you're right. Now I feel like the homosexual foreign exchange midget who still practices nazism in an all Jewish High School. BUT, my name is STEALTHYFART (Dan), and I worship the ground of Diablo's creators. Even if their studio was shut down and most of them went on to do other things. But seriously, I'm not gay. I was just trying to be funny.
    "You cannot fight fire with fire, but you can make one hell of a glow." - Michael Xavier Hyde (December 1994)
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    Quote from "metheman" »
    i do believe that this site was made up of a couple people that enjoy thinking about the further creation of diablo as the next step known as Diablo 3.

    however, i do see it is a complete waste of time to make a site and flood it with false rumors as there are no real evidence of diablo 3, and it is just most likely a rumor as of now

    but gg kids, keep wasting ur lives as this website does not help and just impact other people on false rumor

    Dude, grammar is your friend.
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