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    Greetings from Sanctuary fellow Nephalems!

    I have been reading diablofans for quiet some time now. I always am an avid forum reader, and read the articles on the front page and I really love the diablofans community. So many smart, dedicated, and loyalD3 players frequent this site.

    I've taken a good break (about since Gamescomm), but have been following the RoS news as everyone else. I have a bit of extra time with the holidays here, and I would like to get some more paragon levels for RoS. It would be great to make some new friends and get some runs in with other nephalems again. I love playing in groups, and hate playing alone. Which is why I mostly play the Monk :)

    Hope to hear from some of you! If not happy hunting and glad to be finally a member of this evil website :)
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    Oh, and I'm also single for any pretty ladies around the tri-state :p

    Hey, still need loving with all that demon slayin ya know
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    Welcome! Feel free to add my Battletag as a friend. Not on Live much anymore due to PTR testing. But I do pop on from time to time.

    I see the line in the sand.
    Time to find out who I am.
    Looking back to see where I stand.

    BNet Tag: Evolution85#1878
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    Yeah tri-state represent! I've lived in VT for 30 years.
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    Thank you for the greetings!

    I also forgot to wish everyone a happy, and healthy, new years :)
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