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    After Months of reading this site and getting a tonne of helpfull information off it i decided to sign up.

    Mainly because the 2 regular playing friend si had have left me for Leauge of Legends, they talked me into it i signed up but they are already lvl 30 and im lvl 5 its a bit of a slaughter fest for me...

    So anyways im from New Zealand, Play Daily during the week, 5:30pm till at least 11pm with a beak at 7pm for Shortie St :P

    Im pretty easy going not super serious like to kill in a group with good pack mechanics, not lone wolf up, im ok in MP2 anything above and im purely a support person. Cant stay alive :P

    In the process of getting my wizzy and Doc into there 60's so i can clear out my stash of all the rares im saving them. dont seem to come across legendary items very often.....

    Will accept all friends requests and look forward to contributing to the site.


    60 Demon Hunter
    60 Barb
    60 Monk
    54 Wizard
    54 Witch Doctor
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