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    Release of D3 draws closer and I realize most of my friends will be playing mainly softcore. I had lots of success in D2 and LOD in hardcore and my ambition is to repeat this success once more in D3. My reason to play HC is the excitement which makes all my senses very keen :)

    As I haven't played the beta I'm still trying to figure out which class I would prefer, I played fire sorc in D2 and most likely I would pick wizard as my opening char. However my reason for this post is to find a like minded person(s) to play HC with in Europe the moment D3 is released (15.05 00:01 CEST). I aspire to clear infero by the end of June (I realize this is could be very optimistic, but I need some kind of goal.)

    I will be putting a lot of hours in to D3 the first couple of weeks since I wont be working until end of June and my GF is living in USA at the moment. So I just wanted to throw this out here and see if anyone is interested, I'm looking for a somewhat mature person with a sense of efficiency.

    Battletag: Hadush
    Email: [email protected]

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