Greetings from the Middle East!

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    Hello Fellow Diablo Fans!

    My name is Abdullah and i'm 20 years old and i live in the United Arab Emirates.
    I have been a huge blizzard fan since i was in elementary school.

    Being an Arab, it is difficult for me being a fan of such awesome games like WoW, SC, and Diablo.
    No one understand these games and such genres that is offered in these games and i always feel isolated from everybody in here.

    I always try to be updated with news from all different games to know about the new developments and improvements that is happening in them.
    as said, i am a Diablo fan and i hope one day i can play and try this awesome game that has been in development for over many years!

    I look forward to playing this game.

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    Welcome Anote!! Enjoy your stay!
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