Official WOW Help Thread.

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    You can also come to Azuremyst, and I can almost guarentee you entrance into one of two guids.

    That's Azuremyst. Azuremyst. ;)
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    Quote from "Chaosdragon94" »
    You'll eventually be forced to change your name.

    yeah and i got to lvl 69(when the cap was 70) and they made me change it... little homos went and ratted me out. i changed it to Fudwhooper rofl. but i don't play anymore and am trying to sell my 80's
    Nut it up. Indubitably.
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    Quote from name="Elfen Lied" »
    I am looking for a few extra players to make my overall WOW experience a little bit more enjoyable. I am beginning to tire of constantly dying all the time due to having to solo.

    I would ask randoms online to help, if they didn't treat me like shit for being inexperienced. God I hate that 'deride the newb' metality.

    I am using my Orc. He is sitting on about lvl 17 with no weapons even worth mentioning soI won't, and is currently milling around the Barrens (Current location as of 5:10 11/5/08 is Rachet) on the Destromath sever.

    I'll come to the server and help ya out if you dont mind. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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    I'll come to the server and help ya out if you dont mind.

    Course I am level 80 now and have two alts that are level 78 and 75. But Ok.
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    The problem I saw with new players and realms like Destromath (No offense Elfen) is that Destromath is a PVP realm, where people can get ganked by higher levels. And then new players have a hard time when nobody is willing to help them in the first place so that adds to the frustration. In my humble oppinion, as you are only level 17 (No offense.) I would suggest restarting on a Normal realm, like Azuremyst. (And make sure you play Horde, on average, from what I've seen, Horde is much friendlier then Alliance is...)
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