Warcraft 3 was a good game.

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    Damn WC3 brings back memories. D2 was my first Blizzard game, but WC3 was the first Blizzard game I actually completed.

    I remember back in the RoC era of WC3 where maps such as Curse of Time, DotA (the original by Eul), Footman Frenzy, Line Tower Defense, DoBRP, and Real Life where popular. And of course Lordaeron Tactics, Azeroth Wars, and DAoW. Damn...

    But yeah WC3 was gold for its time.
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    ah, nostalgia.. this thread made me want to install the game and make another playthrough. No other game made me enjoy the storyline as much as war III and it's also the only reason why I started playing WoW (although quit it since cata came out).
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    To be honest, I really feel this WoW franchise has been running for too long.. -.- I believe that mainly WoW is responsible for Warcraft 4 not coming out! (But! Blizzard still can squeeze cash out of WoW, so whats stopping them from not doing WC4?)
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    Best RTS EVER.

    Loved custom maps so much. I think WC3 custom maps were so nice because it had support for RPG and RTS stuff at the same time. I remember playing those gauntlet games with passwords and ton sof TDs. Loved WC3 from the begnning to the end !
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    I actually just started playing again. About 25 games away from finally getting the Shadow Hunter Orc icon lol.
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    I'm actually playing right now.

    Dota is keeping me occupied until D3 :)

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    i spent 6 years for this game.. way to much
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    And then came WoW and shat all over the franchise.
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    Warcraft 3 was definitely an awesome game (Warcraft RTS series in general) and was one of my favorites. The overall gameplay of WC3 is something I much preferred over SC series. I really do hope they go back and give us a new WC RTS game after they are done with SC2 expansion, we'll see.
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    Do you guys think that there will ever be a Warcraft 4 ? would be sooo awesome
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    Quote from KikosGoesDiablo

    Do you guys think that there will ever be a Warcraft 4 ? would be sooo awesome

    Only after the last little bit of tasty liquid has been wrung from the world of warcraft franchise.
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    It would be interesting what they would do story-wise if they did go ahead with a Warcraft 4. WoW has pretty much gone ahead and covered most of the stories. As far as I know, they still have to go back and sort out the rest of the burning legion, some other stuff to do with the draenie home world, and then blizzard will probably do something incredibly stupid and make people go back and kill the Lich king again (I doubt it though).

    I loved wc3, I actually never owned TFT until a few years after wow had been released. That didn't matter to me though, I just loved playing it so much. I was always one for the custom games though, I sucked at dota, I sucked at the RTS side of it all. I loved the campaign though, it was so bloody fun.

    My favorite game was the old hero arenas they used to have, not this angel arena, the OLD old ones, yeah they were awesome!
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