Main Hand Guns?

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    So I am looking at Wowpedia and I am on the Gun page. I see under the patch notes that in 5.0 they are going to move Guns to mainhand items. Obviously I had to check and the same goes with Bows and Crossbows.

    This brings me to a thought: What if they bring out offhand guns? Dual wield pistols? 2H rifles?

    Anyway, yea. Pretty cool.
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    They pretty much are removing the ability for hunters to wear one hand weapons, be it axes, swords or anything. In exchange they are removing the minimum range they are required to have from the target. Meaning they will be able to shoot from melee positions.

    Implementing dual pistols or rifles will be a nice add indeed but will require many changes in the game. How will hit rating work? Will they have to reduce the damage done from some talents/skills? What about drops?

    Let's hope Blizzard has many surprises for us in the new expansion ^^
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    Dual Wield pistols would be pretty damn funky! I love that they removed the 'stat sticks' and now made them the main weapons! I.E removing wands and such as well. Good idea.
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