Money down the drain.

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    So despite my efforts, I recently discovered Blizzard has been billing my expired credit card. I think the annual pass might have something to do with it. But in any case I can't get it to stop, so I've decided I might as well put the money to use.

    My Annual Pass expires on October 21st.

    So I'll be playing casually.. depending if Blizzard gives my stuff back I'll most likely play my 85 rogue for a bit. But there's a big chance I'm going to roll an alt.

    So if you're on my BattleTag friend list I'll probably drop by and see what your servers like.
    *Stalker Skill: Level Up!*

    I'm not looking to raid.. so don't ask. I'll probably just take part in the pre-expansion event and do a bit of any of the holiday events I happen to play around.

    I won't be getting Mists.
    I might not even make it to October 21st depending how bored I get. Lol. :D
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    How did they bill an expired card? A denial would instantly come back on to Blizzard if they are trying to charge an old card. That's what happened when I got a new debit card with a new number and Xbox Live tried autocharging my card when my subscription was up but they never got their money so they just cancelled my live account.
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    It happened to me as well, I had that account closed for over 3 months and then all of a sudden it got reopened and I had all these fee's, I was not happy, it was taken care off..but still.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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