Legendary rogue thread?

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    Hi guys, does anyone remember (or has saved) the legendary thread from the Rogue class section in the old WoW forums? It was basically a "thank you" letter from a father to Blizzard.

    He went to some very eloquent lenghts to descibe how his mentally challenged son could not find joy in any class he tried in WoW, until he did try the Rogue class - that was the class that due to its "simplicity of control" and "limited critical thinking required" made WoW an enjoyable experiecne even for his retarded son. For which he felt a great need to commend Blizz. :)

    The post was so brilliantly tongue-in-cheek that many even doubted the irony and claimed it could very well be a legitimate story.

    So, anyone remembers and maybe saves this sort of Legendaries? :)
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