TorchLight II could of killed D3 IF.

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    I'm very confident that Torchlight II could of beat Diablo 3 game play wise and content wise if only they didn't let it run wild like open battle net.

    Has anyone tried Torch Light II? You join a game and you have all the gold in the world / duped items / stupid modded weapons. Why couldn't they have kept these modded games and regular games separate Diablo 2 had two different character rosters, open battle net, and ladder / non ladder. Did this bother anyone else? IT completely ruined this games chance to flourish with trading/bartering some sort of item based economy... a reason to farm items... etc etc.
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    what? you should read your comment before posting more bull*** about d3vstl2 at least people could understand it.
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    could have, but it didnt
    same as PoE wont

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    Torchlight 2 doesn't need to kill Diablo 3, according to a lot of people Blizzard themselves is already doing a fine job to achieve that goal.
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    Everybody knew the pros and cons from the beginning. Torchlight 2 has unrestricted offline play and mods, Diablo 3 has a secure persistent economy. I recall a lot of people heaping praise on TL2 for making that choice.
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    How you kill an already dead Game i may ask?
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    Moving to Torchlight subforum.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    There is no place for IF when we speak of ROI
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    I don't think Runic even thought it would kill D3. I'm sure they're more than happy with their small company, supportive community, and 1 million sales. No need to go after the big guys, anyway. So long as they can afford to make another game, I'm sure they're content.

    People take too much stock in which game is "winning".
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    Why is everyone trying to say a game has to kill another game in order for it to be good.

    We can play more than one game and enjoy more than one game.

    I like Torchlight 2 a lot more than D3 but then again I do not like playing online only games that much. I also like that the game can be modified to suit my play style if I want.

    Torchlight 2 is a single player game with the option to play with your friends.

    As of April 1st with the launch of the official editor modified games are separated from vanilla games.
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