Dear Blizzard.

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    Quote from lunasky

    No dedicated server can cheat easily.

    Agreed, I'm so happy D3 has not yet succumb to any sort of exploit...

    Cartoon style might not appeal to alot of people.

    True, I mean, why would anyone use cartoonish, WoW-like art for a game which is supposed to be dark and gritty? Makes no sense.

    Mob intelligence very poor from the beta i could kite everything. Its a causal game.

    Agreed here as well. I love how difficult it is to kite mobs in D3. It's not like you can just kite them into a ledge and blow them up from the other side.

    Quote from T4YR3L

    I really dont understand why some ppl hate or complaint about D3 and Blizzards..
    seriusly guys they are doing a LOT of work!!

    we paid for a game that is constantly updated and expanded!
    sure enough, here comes into play the personal taste..
    but honestly, how many other games are updated and renewed / extended FREE??

    And you think, what; they're working on the game out of the kindness of their hearts? No, they are working on the game because they have revenue projections. They want the RMAH to bring in cash for years. They don't want to be pegged as the team which screwed up Diablo. They did not deliver a good game out of the gate and that hurts their bottom line.

    Don't be naive, if the effort was not expected to pay off they would cut their losses and move on (as any responsible company would do). I don't mean to imply that they are all a bunch of money hungry bastards who care nothing for their customers, I don't think that is even remotely true. However, they're not going run the business into the ground to please us either.

    On a side note, OP, this is a really dumb thread.
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    maybe yea ...
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    torchlight 2 it's a fun game but has a lot of bad design ideas also the graphics is just terrible
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    It saddens me to say that, after a couple of hundred hours invested in TL2, it vastly overpowers D3 as of 1.0.7.

    We'll see in a year thou.
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