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    Torchlight 2 is up for pre-purchase on steam, and if you buy it now they give you a free copy of torchlight 1.

    Sign of Release!
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    18 euros, damn thats expensive! better wait for when its on sale ;(
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    Got it!
    I believe it will be a good alternative to Diablo 3. And with that editor and considering how big Torchlight modding community is, I believe it will be a worthy competitor to Diablo 3.
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    Oh yeah! I got it as well. I got the first one as a bonus and am now playing it. Seems a bit slugish tbh.
    TL2 looks much better and I just can't wait to dive in :D

    *You think you know me?*
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    Sorry about bumping an oldish thread, but it's on-topic.

    Anyone interested in going in on a 4-pack? I'm short one person. I'll be buying it and handing out keys once I get money from everyone.
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