Torchlight II cover art revealed

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    I like TL1 box art much better
    Click image
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    Hope it comes out before D3 so I have a chance to play it before my life is put on hold to rescue Sanctuary from the prime evils.

    Also, I like cartoony. I would never choose Torchlight over Diablo, but I sure as hell will play it to lessen the abstinence for Diablo. Also boobs are nice. And their big because characteristics usually become very.. amplified when the artstyle in games is cartoony. Like the giant muscular man or skinny twig wizard. Dunno why people get so offended by this stuff.
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    I'm not playing this until it gets discounted now.

    They missed their mark with me personally. After actively saying it will be out by christmas 2011 (as in promised; not just hinted at) and then delaying simply because they want to sell the game behind the hype of D3 - I just find that to be a disprespectful marketing stratedgy.

    It looks like a great game but by the time Diablo 3 is just a couple of weeks a way; I'd rather wait for D3 than burnout on TL2.

    Just me though.

    You just lost

    THE GAME!!!
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    im still unclear of what to do..

    i think Torchlight 1 was an entertaining game in many asepects, how ever i had a hard time taking it serious...
    even playing on max difficlulty the game as quite easy all way threw.... not much resistance..
    and even on very hard only a few bosses will actually make u feel like u really acomplished something....
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    The cover-art looks great, but I wonder if this will ever come out...
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    they will have to wait at least until august/september now.
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