What race/style do you play?

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    Hey hey; I know at least some of you on here play SC2 so what race and style do you generally play?

    Me personally, I play Terran low-tech usually. Often I will have 1 base 4 barracks before I even get a factory. I find mass marines early game with stem/combat sheild and a few marauders is far more effective than walling off and trying to tech. When I do see a wall off; I love quickly sniping off one of their wall supply depots to get a slight food lead. I try to play a 1 or 2 base game for as long as possible, I hate trying to keep more than 2 bases organised and scv producing.

    I have tried tech rushing a few times but I find people that do tech rush really easy to beat. A few marines can win most games if you don't know how to micro with workers (which people in silver/bronze tend not to).

    So yeah, what race and how do you typically play?

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    I was platinum in solo, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. I play Zerg. I like to go lings to banelings to mutas... I also go roaches to hydras to whatever sometimes. Havent played sc2 in a while though.
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    I prefer Protoss, but I'm not too good (bronze). I usually try to scout early and change my builds slightly. I prefer to go early 2 base with a small wall at the natural. A few sentries and usually stalkers. Then i go full on gas and try to get colossus, thermal lance and +1 attack. If the opponent doesn't scout much he's dead meat right there. But I need to defend till at least a couple colossi are out. I also try to put some early pressure on usually. Force them to waste some money on attacking units instead of a decent economy. My multitasking kinda sucks, however and I end up having lots of minerals and gas just sitting there while i'm busy microing the armies. :P

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    I pretty much always play random so I don't really have a set style, but my terran and protoss decisions are usually pretty predictable.

    As terran, I almost always go with a marine marauder medivac ball, or marine medivac and tanks. I really love hellions and they are a great way to harass early, but I am not good enough at multitasking to properly mirco them and keep up my macro, so they usually end up being a waste.

    Protoss I go either a 4 gate or a 3 gate robo. Not really original, but it works and I usually end up dying if I try to go air.

    When I play zerg, I just improvise. Pretty much the only consistencies in my play styles as zerg is that I like a fast expand, I really like a lot of speedlings in the early game, because I dont feel safe without them, and I almost always get infestors later on because infestors are amazing.
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    I haven't even played the 5 placement matches yet! :P
    Long ago in Starcraft 1 thru every strategy game since, I've discovered that I'm terrible at the actual game in competitive settings, but I absolutely love the custom games. TDs, Base defenses, Mass games, Tug of wars, and RPGs are all amazingly fun. The way people learn to use the editor is completely amazing, and the most incredible games have come out of those editors.
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    I rush with 2 proxy gateways just to slow the enemy, even sometime destroy if they are trying to expand immediately, but I'm also prepared to tech up within the 10 minute mark.
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    hate protos argh

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    Protoss players strike me as a bit snooty.

    In SC2 I've only played Terrain cause they're the only ones I sort of understand still at this point.
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    I *was* (haven't played in a while) mid-upper level diamond as Terran. I practiced/played whatever strategy was the best option for any given matchup.

    But I think my favorite one was mixed pushing with thors, banshees, and marauders against zerg, back when 1/1/1 was stupidly popular (maybe it still is, haven't been keeping up). Tough unit comp to stop. High gas though, needed to take double gas on both bases hella early.
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    I love the themes, mechanics, and overall badassery of the Zerg, but I tend to do best with Protoss, especially in mirror matches.

    Protoss has some of the top (if not THE) cheesiest strategies you can do with the three races. Although I stray from those and try to play out a good game.
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    I am Gold, though I really stink and am not sure how I got gold. Lol.

    I usually play Terran. I like to go Viking/Banshee combo. Either that or MMM.

    I usually start with the 1-1-1 build, though that is pretty predictable so sometimes I change it slightly.

    I swear, I've never been able to properly bunker rush...
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    Zerg, and I pretty much just harass the fuck out of them and hope for the best.

    Early speedlings on any expos they throw up followed by spine crawler defenses to make them fuck off, then usually into either muta harass or hydralisk nydus worm shenanigans. If I go the muta route, I just harass their econ until their macro slows down, then steamroll them with superior numbers.
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    I play Protoss, and I usually go with Dark Templars! Once, I had 40-50 Dark Templars, and the guy on the opposite team accused me of cheating! :P
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    My strategy depends on what my mood is and what mistakes I make(That's pretty much the biggest factor).

    Never have gone for a set build unless I'm Zerg in which case it's either Roaches->Hydra/Nydus or LingHarass->Exp->Mutas.

    For Protoss in team games I usually either go for Pheonix/Voids->Carriers/Mothership or Stalkers->Immo/Collosus with a prism that warps in DT in the heat of combat. I've gone mass zealots with Pheonix and it was funny as hell. Pheonix with a Void or 2 to harass Zerg.

    Terran is usually Tanks with rine backup or Rauder rush. Using vikings/Hellion drops(Depends) for harass. Sometimes I have an early Tech which gets me some Reapers(About 3 is usually fine).

    I barely ever play 1v1 cause I always have a friend online that wants to play. Gold/Plat/Plat/Plat. Last season I had team diamonds but I just don't play as much anymore.
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    i used to be random but i am now about 75% of the time protoss and 25% of the time zerg, i am simply bad at terran and have made no serious effort to improve my play
    i used to 4 gate every game but i settled into playing standard macro games with a few deviations, as much agression by snipping bases, warp prism and dt harass as much as possible, but i try to avoid directly engaging and trading armies until i am maxed unless they give me an opening
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    Played random and toss through most of the beta and ended up sticking with toss since after the early builds it was the obvious underdog for standard games and I like to be underpowered.

    SC2 went live just as horribly balanced as beta though and I stopped playing after a few months of Platinum cheesing with Terran mech. QQkachoo.
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    I play random, platinum league(in 1v1, diamond in 3v3 and 4v4, haven't played 2v2 in the new season cause my 2v2 partner isn't playing and I don't like playing 2v2 with randoms) I like the fact that my opponent doesn't know what race I am till they scout me, so they can't do their standard opening against race x.
    I also usually try to play standard macro games, or fast expand/fast third into mass production buildings and big mid-game push, since many expects randoms to cheese.
    The last few weeks I have watched more starcraft than I have actually played the game though <.
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    I play Terran. Bronze league this season.
    Kinda a noob still at this game, but im learning, watching youtube videos and mostly having fun.
    The tactic i have learned and atm is the easiest for me is 3racks marine marauder rush.

    but when game gets further into time, i get lost with what to build and how to go.
    mostly i pop a factory and starport and get some medivacs to heal my troops.
    longer games if i go into some heavy tech, i just get lost :)

    but as i said, the game is super fun and im playing from time to time.
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    Ever since the start of Starcraft 1 i have always, and will always play Random.
    I dont have a particular style, but i like to do unexpected stuff, like burrow, ghosts, Phoenix. but usually i just play regular.

    I havent played for a while now, but i was ranked top Platinum 1v1 when i played (this was before Master League)
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    I played season 2 as a protoss for ~110 games, otherwise I've played hundreds of games as each race and multiple hundreds as random.

    I don't really understand the stereotypes people of different races tend to label each other with, for that reason. "Zerg are all crybaby whiners, Protoss are easy mode face rollers and terran players all cheese".

    I know choosing a race makes you a better player, faster, but let's try understanding that it's the game you should hate if anything, not the player. Personally I love all three races and if there was one characteristic common between races is around half the players or more have the tendency to think what they're doing is sophisticated-hard-and good mannered while the players of other races are idiotic-face roll-and bad mannered.

    I'm a masters level player, every race playable in at least low masters without much practice.
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