'Heart of the Swarm' ending leaked [SPOILER ALERT]

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    Compare that to other known leaks of Blizzard and you can tell it's absolute garbage. I would loose some faith in Blizzard if this was actually real...

    But yea, it's not a spoiler because it's not Blizzard. Calling it such is an insult to Blizzard imo. :/
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    well if its not blizzard why would they order it taken down? Its Blizzard, just a work in progress from blizzard

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    CGI films don't exactly just appear, you know. Everything starts like that.
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    Ugh why did I watch it, crap.

    There's so many things wrong with Kerrigan in here. First off why does she have a weakness that's from pre-mutation, wouldn't mutation render said weaknesss device useless or disintegrated completely? And secondly, THIS IS NOT KERRIGAN. Christ, when does Kerrigan care anything about justice? Such cheesy shit here.

    Hope it's not legit, if it is, Blizzard needs to completely rework said cutscene.
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    Hope it's not legit, if it is, Blizzard needs to completely rework said cutscene.

    It looks like it's legit since we can recognize Chris Metzen's voice as Raynor and Mengsk!
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    Blizzard games aren't really renown for their writing, most of their stuff is incredibly cheesy and cliché.
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    They aren't but they definitely inspired some of us in some ways with their games. (At least, me)
    It's all been said. The pun, the not so funny joke, the phrase, something about oneself, the not so random picture.

    So... what else is left to put here?
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    NECRO FTW I hope someone passes this by because It is worth some discussion.

    So it turns out this leak was 100% accurate. If you look at the "Vengeance" trailer a few of theses scenes pop up, namely in the beginning of "Vengeance" trailer, I'm kind of intrigues by how this all comes about because clearly she turns back to Kerrigan somewhere during the story but how?
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