[Starcraft2 in Diablo2] A New mods for Sc2! Check this out!

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    This is a Multiplayer Hack and Slash RPG mods for Stacraft2 Bnet 2.0.
    (Estimate Release date, around Q1 2013)

    Diablo: The curse of Tristram RPG v(alpha stage)

    Official and Updated Information Forum at http://community.tristramrpg.com

    • 6x Heros
    • 6x Acts (each Act = one map)
    • Around 90xItemPreFix
    • Around 90xItemSuffix
    • Randomized Item generator system with Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique
    • Randomized map events
    • Semi-Randomized Terrain system (2D with 3D)
    • Save/Load
    • LadderBoard with Season
    • Day/Night engine
    • Fast Action Hack and Slash Gameplay with mouse shooting
    • Unique Skill system with a new approch
    • For now, 6xPlayers
    • Party system (or just play alone)
    • Hardcore mode availible with a different ladderboard season and special reward
    • Softcore and Hardcore players can play together
    • Copy/Paste of Diablo II controls (F1-F2-F3 for skill and 1-2-3-4-5 for potion)
    • Item system requirement to balance the game
    • Unique Custom User Interface easy to use
    • Inventory system (Equip, Sell, Drop, Move, Cancel)
    • Check items on the ground by holding Alt Key like Diablo and Grab them
    • Each players see what items dropped, so yes, you can ninja!
    • PvP Duel
    • Unique Diablo1 and Diablo2 Sounds imported
    • Some Custom World of Warcraft models imported (monster)
    • Randomized Shop system
    • Quest User interface system
    • A Nice Story-line
    • Tons of Diablo2 Stats Formula used (Defense rating/ Stg / Dex / Energy / Vitality / chance to hit etc..)
    • Randomized Item Drop system
    • MagicFind item bonus
    • Randomized ennemy (with boss and their minions)
    • Experience system, max lvl 99
    • A Ennemy scale system depending how many players are in the game
    • Blood
    • and more...
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    This thing is looking super awesome!
    You should promote your stream so people can see how you're testing it and all that. It's very interesting to me: http://fr-ca.twitch.tv/egod123

    Also moving to StarCraft II Subforum.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    The stream doesn't work for me, but from what i saw in game-text it looks better than... something we all know... I'll try to make stream work and investigate ze forums, then come back and reply some more
    The God says 'Hi!' to his friend Walter
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