Creep & Favorite Race

Poll: What is your favourite race?

What is your favourite race? - Single Choice

  • Protoss 38.9%
  • Zerg 27.8%
  • Terran 33.3%

Poll: Creep is what?

Creep is what? - Single Choice

  • Manifested Health Care 7.7%
  • Your Mom 7.7%
  • Microscopic Hamsters 0%
  • Moderator Soup 15.4%
  • Liquid Guitar 7.7%
  • Digested Nerd 38.5%
  • Dogfood 7.7%
  • Cheese 7.7%
  • Bacon 7.7%
  • #21

    and Zerg play the best if you build them right since they can spam their army much faster than either of the other races (just in one big push rather than a little bit over time)

    and protoss annihilate everyone late game with their spamming armies in roughly 15 seconds XD (i build 10 warpgates but not in a fashion that leaves me armyless either)

    and terran have the best "counters" in the game (most of their actual counters do bonus damage)

    the only imbalance i see in the game the terran's base defense planetary fortress and not because of the cannon either

    its an issue with the priority they set the fortress for overrides all actual units so using that it would turn fights where the terran would never stand any chances to winning ever with their army to... winning with only losing like 5 units

    so the only imbalance i see in the game could be on par with a pathing issue xD

    so in the conclusion i play any race or random XD but my main is zerg =3

    Be my Buddy =^.^=
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    Creep is Creep!!
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