Opinions on T-P strategy?

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    I usually play Zerg but when I play Terran against Protoss I try to rush in reapers, while building up a force of marauders and marines. Get the speed upgrade and send in about half a dozen or so to the Protoss base and just rush in and destroy all the pylons rendering the buildings useless, no more creating more units and no more cannons, if available. If I have the M&Ms ready I clean up with them, if not I keep harassing like this until I do. Don't really play PvP, but I'v done this tactic on medium and lower difficulties against the computer. Any expert advice/suggestions on this?
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    If you are the aggressive type, I think doing the 111 all in tactic is your best approach against protoss. I find reapers do minimal damage because once stalkers comes out, your reapers are negated unless you have terribly good micro.

    I don't know what league your in but if your in the bottom leagues than a simple 3 barrack push is effective where you get 2 tech labs and 1 reactor on rack. Upgrade stim and con. shell and push in for a timing attack.
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    Reapers are not a good idea. Practically every Protoss build will have a Stalker out by about 4 minutes and 5 seconds. (Unless they skip their cybercore and go for a fast expand). The fastest Reaper will spawn at about 3 minutes and 50 seconds (if you skip your first marine)... but you also have to add the travel time to get to your opponents base... on a small map it will take 30 seconds to get to your opponents base... on a large map it will take much longer... So usually by the time you get there the stalker is already there, and your Reaper 1) can't kill the stalker 2) is denied any scouting 3) wasted your barracks production. You can almost produce 2 marines for the price of that 1 reaper... so essentially your army is much weaker now just because you produced that 1 Reaper.

    My best suggestion against a protoss for a large macro map would to be no gas fast expand.

    Build SCV's non-stop, get your supply depot, barracks, orbital as usual... but don't get any gas. Produce marines and build a command center at your natural, place one bunker down in front of your command center and you'll be fine. Put one marine in front of your bunker or you can have it go scout and check for proxy pylons which might indicate a 4-gate push. Depends on how much scouting information you were able to get... (did you see more than 1 gate? did he save his chrono energy or was he using it on probes)

    My best suggestion for an aggressive protoss that you also want to be aggressive against would go with a fast rader/rine combo with conc shell.

    -supply depot
    -barracks (build 1 marine then make reactor)
    -barracks with tech lab
    -supply depot.

    Heavy 2 rax aggression if timed right will stop protoss early aggression. Hope this helps, good luck. :)

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    Reapers are pretty weak as they stand right now.

    In Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard intends to allow reapers to regenerate out of combat. They are set to lose their D-8 charge attack.

    Though they also wrote,
    "The Reaper is going to be changed in HotS. (http://www.pcgamer.c...ce-of-e-sports/) “. . .The players showed us what it (the Reaper) was capable of and we nerfed it into obscurity. This will be addressed in Heart of the Swarm.”

    He is so fragile that having his regenerate out of combat sounds like a bad joke compared to losing his grenades, so I can only assume he will get some other types of buffs.
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