ZvZ / ZvP - Really need help! EU

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    I don't suppose on the off-chance anyone here is High Silver > Mid Plat range?

    I play Zerg and am just getting completely bum-abused (to put it politely) in these match-ups...

    Seriously I have a 0 win rate against both since I hit platinum.

    So if anyone who plays Zerg or Protoss wants to practice, add me and reply here.

    I'm on EU servers:

    Name: Lepruk
    Code: 535

    (I'll add this in the code thread too; but I am particularly asking for help with this one).

    You just lost

    THE GAME!!!
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    I'm a mid-high masters on NA. If you want specific help ask questions and I will answer them. Also, post replays!
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