Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)

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    Moba - Dota 2
    FPS - BF3 (hoping for CS:GO invite)
    Dungeon Crawling - PoE and D2
    MMO - Rift
    RPGs - FF7, FF9, FFT, Disgaea 3
    Sim - Cities XL 2012
    RTS - SC2
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    HoN/DotA2, random Steam games, leveling a Warlock for MoP, TERA closed beta weekends, and another closed beta that I can't talk about
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    EVE-online mostly
    on the side..

    World of Tanks
    Mass effect 3
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    I'll keep myself busy with this as soon as it is released (11th April)

    I just can't resist my nostalgia
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    Just recently played through D1 with a character named Aidan (hmm...) making sure to talk to all the NPCs and getting as much lore as possible. Right now I'm playing through D2, talking to all the NPCs once I get a new quest, after leaving and reentering town (new dialogs) and after completing a quest. As well as gossip every time (each NPC have several, picked randomly when entering town). They sure have a LOT of unique dialog, some of which I never heard before.
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    I've been bouncing from D2 to WoW and pottering with other games or MineCraft while trying to avoid housework and await D3's release. Unfortunately it would seem that I'll be dusting off my Final Fantasy VII discs again soon (thanks CherubDown) and lose many many hours to that while I wait the remaining 40ish days.
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    Quote from Daniel417

    Lately, days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months. I need a game to distract me from the ever nearing release. I've dabbled in Aion and Torchlight, neither really caught my interest. I'm debating going back to Baldur's Gate II, or something similar.

    What I want to know is, what are you playing while you wait for May 15th to roll around? Or, do you have any suggestions for me.


    Since there is a big thread about this subject in the "other games" section, i merged your thread into it.
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    Since Diablo 3 was announced my friends and I realised that any game we play was going to be filler until we got our hands on it. WoW was a good time sink for a while but with Cataclysm a lot of my friends began to quit. I stuck it out for a while but during Firelands I was running out of steam. I quit just before Dragon Soul and am actually glad I did because now the content has stayed stagnant and isn't going to change for a while. I've tried not gaming, but thats not fun lol.

    I spent some time playing guitar hero on my PS2 and beta testing Firefall, but SW:TOR takes up all my time now. It's a blast and will be consuming my time until I can finally play D3. When it drops my demon hunter will own face.
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    looool that's an interesting game idea they had there. :D
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    Heroes of Newerth, love that game, never gets old, amazing game to just come back too, and play a game every now and then. Which i will be doing when inferno drives me crazy :P
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    # StarCraft 2
    # NBA 2K12
    # Civilization V
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    need new thread, games to play while bored of diablo3
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    Guild Wars 2 August 28th.

    I'm pretty sure you will be disappointed by pre-purchase beta because its not polished yet. But once its done, will be awesome if its anything like the first one. Here is my gameplay commentary.
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    sweet mother of god :)
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    Thanks for the tips!
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    couponbookmmo dot blogspot dot kr/2013/08/devilian-online-release-date

    what do you guys think of devilian online?
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