Divinity: Original Sin

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    I was hoping that I could get a minute of your time to listen to a fan of RPG games and see if you would be willing to give a small mention on a blog, twitter or write a small piece on the kickstarter campaign for Divinity Original Sin's kick starter project.
    It is close to being funded by now which is great, but some of the stretch goals are still far off which will make this an epic game and something which hearkens back to my early gaming days and no doubt to many games as well.

    The folks at Larian are really trying their hardest to make a worthy RPG without the help or backing of publishers. Sven or David from Larian have also been constantly on the backers comments section even during weekends and at nights/evenings scrolling back through pages and pages of comments and answering the backers. As a fan and someone who has backed this kickstarter their dedication and spirit has really moved and inspired me and the kickstarter backers community to try and help find ways to get them to realize their dream and ours too. We have started a community of backers called the Weresheep of Original Sin and hope that you can take a look at what we feel is an awesome game and see if you can help us in any way to realize this by spreading the word.

    Here is a link to the Kickstarter: http://www.kickstart...ty-original-sin
    As you can see, it is very close to reaching it's initial goal, however; The stretchgoals are amazing and it would be a shame if we would not be able to reach those.

    I hope you can all be as excited for this game as I am, I'm as hyped as I was a year ago around this time. (I wonder for what game that was for... :))

    Much love, Juno

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    Paypal will be added as soon as the game reaches its goal, for those interested :)

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    I'll move this to Other Games.

    This looks very, very interesting man, thanks for sharing.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Ah of course, my bad!

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