Anyone Playing That Marvel Heroes BETA?

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    Just got a beta key....downloading it now.....anyone else mess with it yet?
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    Maybe if you pass that key around...


    edit: Oh, moving this to Other Games.
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    Just noticed I got a key as well, but I doubt I'll be able to play for the next few days. That Download is just so fucking slow and I'm not sure why :[
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    I've tried it the last couple days.... got a key as well.

    I dunno man, while i love Marvel and everything surrounding it...i am not really getting hooked to this game.

    The Quest directions are horrible, i couldnt complete some while i done everything asked for.
    The Gameplay is very clunky and stiff.
    The Crafting is unlogical..."drag item here" done that, nothing happen and item gone.
    No Buy-back option on Vendor NPCs...sold a blue chest accidently.

    I dunno really, its beta ofc...but its very unfinished considering they wanna release in june.
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    From what I hear crafting is still to be implemented properly. Other than that I guess we just wait a bit more for the features to start shining.
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