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    I just finished everything I want to do with Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2. Both were amazing games but ultimately lacked a certain amount of fulfillment. I just can't take another grind run and neither have any pvp......

    I really need some help deciding which game to get. I'm posting here because I think the D3 community gives great game advice. There are four games out right now that I think will cover that fulfillment for me and I was wondering what recommendations people had for which to buy. I've got a PC and Xbox 360 for different versions. I'm looking for a sense of "ahh that was a good game" where I feel I need actual skill to beat it.

    The four games are. . .

    Darksouls vs Halo 4 vs Darksiders 2 vs Dishonored
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    Darksouls is a incredible hard game, I only played it a little but my friends really enjoyed the learning and adapting to it.

    Dishonored is a great game but i was really sad to see how short it was. It does have replay value as each mission has 3+ways you can complete it.

    Darksiders 2 is a good story with fast action combat and diablo style loot. I did find the dungeons to become repetative though.

    Halo 4 I am still waiting to play myself. Have you tried Borderlands 2? Another good story with lots of diablo style loot also.
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    Lol I realize I shouldn't have put Halo 4 up there since noone has played it yet. I'm feeling darksouls since everyone says they enjoyed learning and adapting which is my style.
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    Moved to the appropriate forums.
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    laonar said it perfectly!

    for Dishonored full enjoyment, simply replay the game.
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