Will Guild Wars 2 live up to expectations from Guild Wars 1?

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    The last beta weekend I played my mesmer with a scepter mainhand and torch off-hand and it was a blast. You focus on confusion which is really fun.

    Confusion is a condition which deals damage each time a foe uses a skill. Confusion stacks in intensity, so the more stacks of confusion an enemy has, the greater the damage. The damage dealt by confusion is determined by the following formula: Level + 0.05 * Condition Damage per stack per skill use

    Because the game is based a lot on action running and dodging peoples attacks it seems like a lot more people just tend to watch their health and not the actual effects on them. So I could dump a ton of stacks of confusion on someone and watch them basically kill themselves.
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    I just read the thread over at MMOchampion. Promising game.
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    Guild Wars 2 Guru is a really good site for Guild Wars 2. :P It's a Curse site also.

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    Signed up on gw2guru. same name. So original.

    Just installed the beta client on my mac using wine. Seems to be quite well supported. There was a strong WINE contingent in GW1 and I think the same crowd are around for GW2. Huzzah for me!
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    Beta weekend starts tomorrow! :D It's gonna be glorious.
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    I never played GW1, but got into the GW2 beta for this weekend, and I think it definitely has a lot more promise than D3. Only thing I haven't liked so far is the cut scenes, which gave me bad flashbacks of SWTOR questing, but they're sparse and skippable, so who cares.

    And being able to customize a Norn's chin to be roughly the dimensions of an anvil? Priceless.
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    Quote from Neruval

    I never played GW1, but got into the GW2 beta for this weekend, and I think it definitely has a lot more promise than D3. Only thing I haven't liked so far is the cut scenes, which gave me bad flashbacks of SWTOR questing, but they're sparse and skippable, so who cares.

    And being able to customize a Norn's chin to be roughly the dimensions of an anvil? Priceless.

    The cut scenes got really old really fast. Especially the Norn ones. GOD! The spirit/totem/shaman/healing stuff have been chewed on for so long I felt like I was gonna puke. I usually like "viking-style" races but the whole thing was just too much for me :( Maybe that's why I left my Guardian in the garage.

    And ROFL about the chin :)

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    Bottom line, i'm going to play a thief, sword/dagger - shortbow (probably).

    I've never had so much fun, this game feels really complete. The only "bad" note was the absurd lag in certain zones of RvR, but they immediately started to fix it.
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    WvW is what I'm really excited to start doing. I want to level some questing, then get some levels in WvW, then quest, back and forth oh it's just so nice. :')
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    WvW took a huge shat my FPS. The auto detect put all my settings at high and my performance went to hell as soon as my screen filled up with a ton of red names in the distance. It was pretty funny too. Even with everything at low except for my resolution it was still terribly choppy.

    I have only played as a human so far, and was a little sad to see only one full beard in the character creation.

    It was pretty fun though. I haven't played a new MMO since WoW. That feeling of aw shit I got a lot to learn was definitely there. Hoping I'll actually have time to play since it comes out right after classes start.
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    I bumped into a problem trying to pre-order my Digital copy. I think I failed to find an EU-equivalent site of GW2/ArenaNet.
    I'm probably doing something wrong but when I click on the "Buy NAO", I can't find my Country from the list. Not a single European Country for that matter. Do you guys have any info about this? Anyone with a similar problem maybe...

    I hope they put it on Steam, I won't have trouble getting it from there.

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    The retail release of Guild Wars 2 is intended for the Americas, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East. It will be available in English, French, and German, with a text-only localized version in Spanish.

    Hmm.. I think you would be okay buying it from the EN site. I'm looking more though.

    Found this : http://www.facebook....425415807474699

    Should have NO problems getting the game. :) Also it won't be on steam but it is compatible with steams overlay I hear.
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    Yes, I read that and it lead me to believe that I was screwing up somewhere.
    I was kinda blinded by rage last night so I probably didn't do my finest searching O_O

    I found a digital copy through mmoga.co.uk just now.
    The site looks alright but I'm probably going to wait some more.

    Edit: "Those who do not fall into either of those two regions will default to the NA datacenter."
    I had a feeling it doesn't recognise where I am... hmm.

    Even so, It won't accept my Credit Card when I put in Antarctica or US so I'll get it from somewhere else in the end.

    P.S. Daemaro, thank you for your time! :hammy:

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    Might just have to buy it in a store or keep looking for digital distributors. I can find a list right now for that.


    There you go. :)

    It is nice to know you'll be able to play on any server you want. Your characters are all bound to one server but you have a "guest pass system" where you can go play with people on other servers, you just can't do WvW and other stuff but you can quest is what I got from it.

    Also for anyone wanting a more in depth objective opinion of the game:

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    What's the point of PvE in GW2? I'm reading that at level 2 you can enter PvP and auto scale to level 80 with all the gear you need? Is there any advantage of items or armor found in PvE?

    What happened to ultra elitist days of DAOC? After all the killing you are doing in PvP are you getting any stronger or other abilities to give you an edge over someone who just pops in?
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    Besides gear, which admittedly, stat wise, can seem like small upgrades you get skill points and trait points that lower level characters wouldn't have.

    If you don't want to PvE you never have to though. It's there for the people who enjoy the story and the environments. If you don't care about the lore, the personal story, the questing experiences, the zone environments, things like that, then you may not care much about it.

    Leveling through either PvE or PvP though will give you the edge over a level 2, or any lower level.
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    Ok from what I read on other sites, it seemed like found items/armor were strictly aesthetic and didn't lend to any stat enhancements. Thanks for the info on PvE.
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    Well it depends on what type of PvP, the battleground based more structured PvP, no items from PvP don't really matter there, you'll be wanting the PvP gear. World VS World PvP though you come in with your PvE gear, or you can buy gear obtained from honor badges at the vendors to wear.

    If you strictly want to to the battleground structured PvP then there won't be really any benefit that I can think of right away. World PvP will include your PvP benefits though.

    I should have been a little more specific.

    World VS World (WvW) PvP is a lot of fun though and you'd be missing out by skipping it. Thankfully though between both PvP types if you don't want to quest, do dungeons, all the PvE stuff you don't need to. You can loot fallen enemies WvW and get a lot of the things you could loot in the PvE world as well as gain plenty of EXP from objectives and kills. Then you can buy exotic (one of the higher item grade) sets there.
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    Awesome. I'm much more interested in WvW.

    Still haven't found a game to scratch the DAOC RvR itch I've had for years.
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