Half Life 3 Concept Art (please valve im dying over here!)

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    So I don't know about anyone else but I've been patiently waiting for HL3 for what feels like my whole life.

    Every week or so I do a quick google search to see if anything has been leaked or if there has been any official news.

    The offical stoves are still cold this week, but reghardwar.com have found some concept art, drawn in 2008!

    the theme is cold (lots of snow). Also alyx has had some facial reconstruction.

    Heres the article
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    Since we can safely assume HL3 will definitey be made and has probably been in development all this time, it's pretty amazing that not more of it has leaked already. I'll never forget all the fake screenshots that would appear from time to time, though. That always pissed me off. But yeah, wasn't that Aurora ship in Antarctica? I wonder if we'll end up going there in the very beginning of the game or be working our way to the ship most of the game.
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    Did you guys watch listen to the interview with gabe... they talked about HL3 I mean..."ricochet 2", was kinda interesting.. .guess they are really trying some crazy things with half life 3.

    And being in a cold place is almost a given with the ending of episode 2
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    Interview with who?

    I just think Valve oughta be careful. People's expectations are gonna be ridiculously high for this game. Not that Valve is known to disappoint. And obviously Portal 2 kicked a lot of ass so I'm not really worried or anything. I think what I'm more worried about is going past the point of excitement and anticipation and into the realm of bitterness cause I'm waiting so long for it. They really should announce something soon I think.
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    Im assuming hes refereing to Gabe Newell? Can you find that interview anywhere? I'd love to give it a listen.

    Vavle must have some very honest and dedicated employees. Historically they are brilliant at holding back secrets, and carefully controlling pre-release leaks and/or easter eggs.

    Do you remember the whole Apeture science website/log in system that was released un-announced before portal was released? Very cool.

    I imagine in HL-3 we shall see some cross over between the current gordon freeman story arc, and the Portal arc. I think the location of the Borealis will tie these 2 together. We have seen snippets of the Boralis in HL2 and obvisouly it's mysterious dissapearence and reappearence in the arctic has been heavily featured in the Portal story arc.

    I imagine the combine are after whatever tech is in the borealis. They seem to like portals and I imagine a portal between earth and Xen/Combine homeworld would be very handy in their bid to take over the world.

    The portal research has already demonstrated its power for instant inter planetary travel.....
    Remember the end of portal 2? the portal on the moon? If a small hand held divce can do that... Imagine what a fully developed inter planetary portal deivce can achieve!

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    Ill find it real fast, but its the first time they have talked about HL3 in ... well pretty much ever =P

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    There were a few hints in Portal 2 regarding HL3.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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    Quote from Molster

    Ill find it real fast, but its the first time they have talked about HL3 in ... well pretty much ever =P


    Thanks thanks thanks!!! Cool interview. Well either they are refereing to HL3 or possibly even HL2: Episode 3. I seem to remember we were promsed at least 3 episdoes no? or maybe HL2 HL2:ep1 HL2:ep2 = 3 episodes. Oh Gawsh! I suppose it wouldn't make sense to wait this long without releasing another episodic installment, or perhaps the overhaul to the source engine is just taking longer than expected.

    Perhaps with CS:GO around the corner, we will see the updated source engine... which might lead to HL news... =D

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